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MLB 12: The Show new online features detailed

MLB 12: The Show new online features detailed

In an effort to further blur the line between online and offline modes, MLB 12: The Show will include new Online Everywhere functionality, and Play Now Plus.

Jeff Mattas

January 18, 2012 4:00 PM2

Sony Computer Entertainment has revealed some new features that will be making their way into the next installment of its long-running baseball simulation series. MLB 12: The Show will apparently be doing a few things differently this year in aid to bridging the traditional divides between the series’ online and offline play.

All of the game modes listed in MLB 12’s menu will include both online and offline varieties. Even modes like Home Run Derby will allow players to play on or offline, and a ‘Community Menu’ is also available, to the right of the main menu. The announcement also mentions a mode called Diamond Dynasty, described as “an entirely new mode that mixes offline and online components and includes elements never before seen in a sports game.”

Unified settings are also joining the show, which is a feature that works pretty much exactly like it sounds. Players will be able to create one set of master settings that are shared across all the different game modes. Some “online game negotiated settings” are also included, to help level the playing field.

The series’ ‘Play Now’ feature–which allows players to quickly find and jump into a game–is also being expanded. Players will be able to adjust certain game settings to make it even easier to find a specific type of match. “You can select those important settings you most care about and guarantee you find a game that matches those settings,” the blog states. The provided example if you prefer to toggle off the ‘Guess Pitch’ setting, you can set it so that you’re only matched with other players who prefer to have that setting disabled as well.

All of these new features will be included in both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of MLB 12: The Show, which is scheduled for a March 6 release.

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