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MLB 12: The Show’s ‘Cross-Platform Saves’ and Franchise improvements explained

MLB 12: The Show’s ‘Cross-Platform Saves’ and Franchise improvements explained

New details about MLB 12: The Show’s cross-platform savegame functionality and other improvements have been revealed.

Jeff Mattas

January 27, 2012 4:15 PM1MLB 12: The Show‘s March release is only about a month away, but details on the game’s ‘cross-platform save’ feature have been scant. Today, questions were answered as Sony Computer Entertainment has finally revealed how the feature, which allows folks to share savegames between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, will function. More details about some of the improvements to the game’s Franchise Mode were also shared.With regard to cloud saving, the official PlayStation Blog reveals that Franchise, Season, and ‘Road to The Show’ save files can be uploaded to the cloud via a PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita where it will then be accessible by either platform. Only one save file for each game mode per PSN account will be available, but players can overwrite that file as many times as they please.

MLB 12: The Show allows cloud saving.

When it comes to MLB 12’s Franchise mode, a number of other improvements will also be included. More realistic trades based on things like individual teams’ strategic needs, and more detailed information will be presented via the trade interface. Player lineups will also reportedly be easier to adjust.CPU player generation has been upgraded as well, resulting in things like “more authentic pitch repertoires,” and fewer players with stats that are a bit too balanced. In other words, the CPU will generate players that have more defined strengths and weaknesses, much like in real life. Player cards have also been enhanced a bit, and will now be accessible from any game screen on which the player can be highlighted.Rounding out the list of noted improvements are some upgrades to the Franchise menu, which include “adding in your next game information, displaying the current standings, and showing you the current league leaders for batting and pitching.”MLB 12: The Show comes out on March 6 for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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