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MobyGames Classic: Resident Evil

MobyGames Classic: Resident Evil Classic returns with Resident Evil, the 1996 survival-horror game by Capcom that helped define the genre.

Shack Staff

Shack Staff

March 21, 2012 3:30 PM4

Resident Evil caused quite a stir in the gaming community when it was released in 1996, delivering a tense combination of exploration, action, and scares. It served up many of the core attributes that still serve as the foundation of many of today’s more modern and refined horror-driven games, and created a rich world of conspiracies and corrupt corporations and a cast of memorable characters that made their way into numerous sequels on multiple platforms. The original tale was later given an updated treatment for the GameCube, and the franchise continues to see new entries by developer Capcom.

Today we add 1996’s classic survival-horror game, Resident Evil, to our growing list of video game classics, presented by

MobyGames reviewer cimerians praises Resident Evil for trumping another survival-horror pioneer. “This game is very similar to another title that I like very much, Alone in the Dark,” cimerians writes. “Resident Evil took the game mechanics of Alone in the Dark and made something special.”

Another MobyGames reviewer by the name of Kadeem Gomez recalls one early scene from the game that left an indelible impress on him (as well as many other gamers). “It has great cutscenes, including my favorite moment in the beginning of the game, when you play Jill Valentine trying to investigate through a haunted police station until all of a sudden, a vicious type of zombie dog came though the window and I was totally freaked out,” he writes.

MobyGames reviewer Sycada also loved the title for a number of reasons. “Resident Evil was probably the first game that I found to be truly terrifying,” Sycada explains. “The visuals displayed beautifully rendered rooms and corridors with realtime 3d monsters that make your skin crawl. Music is, for the most part, wonderfully orchestrated haunting melodies and sharp, shock-inducing starts that make you jump out of your seat.”

Tell Us Your Stories! We want to hear about your experiences with Resident Evil. Tell us your stories. Why did you love it? What drove you crazy? Remember it fondly with us in the comments below. We’ll select some of your thoughts and memories and add it to a Weekend Update to this feature.

MobyGames Classic is our chance to look back at the games that helped shape the video game industry with the help of our sister site It combines a short history lesson on the title and anecdotes from the Shacknews community.

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