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How to find the Moon landing in Starfield


How to find the Moon landing in Starfield

Yes, you can visit the site of the moon landing from Apollo 11 in Starfield.

Bill Lavoy

Bill Lavoy

September 8, 2023 11:40 AM0

It will come as no surprise to anyone that Bethesda has tucked away plenty of secrets in Starfield, including one we’ve all heard about many times before. Yes, the Moon landing site of Apollo 11 is in Starfield, and you can go there.

How to find the Moon landing

To find the Moon landing, check the Lodge on Jemison for a book called Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal. I found it in the room beside my room in Lodge, one door to the left if I was facing my door from the hallway. If you loot that book, then read it in your inventory, you will get a quest activity called Visit the Apollo Landmark on Luna. Simply set a course for Luna, Earth’s moon, and you’ll have the landing site available to you.

If you can’t find the journal, you can use console commands to add it to your inventory. For this, simply open the console using the tilde key (~), then type player.additem 00026EAF and press Enter. Please note that this will kill your ability to earn any achievements while you play Starfield unless you add a mod that turns them back on. It will also mark your saves as Modded. Might not be worth it to you unless you either don’t care or plan to turn achievements back on through modding.

Once you land at the Apollo Landing Site, you’ll be able to see the American flag planted in the ground, as well as various debris at the site. You can even find an Apollo Snow Globe that you can loot. While you can do as you please, I’d recommend that you don’t sell that and instead use it to decorate one of your homes or outposts.

Is it possible to find the Moon landing site without the quest? I’m not entirely sure myself. I tried weeks ago during review access and believe that I got incredibly close, but in the end my habit of reading every book I find paid off. Reading this book also gives you a quest to Visit the London Landmark on Earth, but that’s for another day.

Now that you know how to find the Apollo landing site on the Moon, be sure to visit our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help with secrets, weapons, and everything else you can get into while you journey through the stars.

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