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Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS going solo

Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS going solo

The Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS is breaking out of its bundle and going solo on February 10 at the regular price of $169.99.

Alice O’Connor

January 30, 2012 7:30 AM2

If you fancied a Pearl Pink Nintendo 3DS but had no interest in the nintendogs + cats game it was exclusively bundled with, this is your lucky day. The shiny 3DS model will be sold on its lonesome from February 10 for the regular price of $169.99, Nintendo announced today.

Nintendo suggests, very helpfully, that it could be good for “consumers looking to win over their loved ones this Valentine’s Day.” Valued consumer (that’s you!), you too could attempt to trick the weak-willed into reciprocating your feelings by showering them with electronics products.

“With the system’s built-in camera, sweethearts can each use their system to capture and share 3D photos and videos of romantic outings this Valentine’s Day – and always,” Nintendo notes. Dearest consumer, how much longer can you tolerate a life of loneliness? Without this technological extension of your love, you’ll have all the time of the world to ponder that horrible, horrible question.

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