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Remedy will ‘certainly continue’ Alan Wake series

Remedy will ‘certainly continue’ Alan Wake series

Alan Wake will “certainly continue” after American Nightmare, according to Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne.

Steve Watts

February 9, 2012 9:45 AM1

If you had any concerns that Alan Wake would hang up his flashlight after American Nightmare, fear not. Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne says that while the studio is still unsure what its next game will be, they’ll “certainly continue” with the series.

“We’ll certainly continue with Wake,” Myllyrinne told Joystiq. “Right now we’re focusing on getting the PC out next week, then getting American Nightmare out. And it’s too early to talk about what our next move is, but we’ve obviously put things into motion.”

He says if American Nightmare is a bomb, that wouldn’t bode well for future games, but they feel “fairly certain” it will do well. Ultimately, the studio’s next plans will come down to demand. “We’re crowd pleasers, we’ll do what the audience wants, cause usually that’s the good business move as well,” he said.

American Nightmare launches on February 22 for $15 (1,200 MSP) as part of the Xbox Live Arcade House Party. The PC version of Alan Wake, with a few extra bells and whistles, is hitting Steam on February 16, and other digital distribution channels afterwards.

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