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How to remove the stolen icon – Starfield


How to remove the stolen icon – Starfield

Here’s how you can remove the stolen status icon from items in your inventory.

Bill Lavoy

Bill Lavoy

September 12, 2023 2:00 PM1

Starfield is a game that benefits the thief. Whether you’re stealing money or items, crime pays. Unfortunately, stealing is frowned upon in the Settled Systems, and any time you’re arrested all your stolen goods will be confiscated. If you’d like to clean your stolen items and remove the stolen icon, it’s much easier than you think, and should cost you nothing.

How to remove the stolen status

To remove the stolen status from items in Starfield, you must sell the item to a Trade Authority vendor and buy it back. Most vendors will not buy stolen items, but the Trade Authority certainly will. Any Trade Authority, in fact. To do this effectively, sell the stolen item you wish to remove the stolen icon from to the Trade Authority, then look for the Buy Back option while browsing what the vendor has for sale. You will be able to buy your stolen item back for the same amount you sold it to them. When the item returns to your inventory, you’ll be even on Credits and the stolen icon will be removed from the item.

The reason this is important is that items with the stolen status icon will be confiscated whenever you’re arrested. Maybe a stray round catches a civilian, or you get caught smuggling Contraband. Either way, when you are arrested, you’ll lose all your Contraband and all your stolen items. That’s not ideal, so it’s a good idea to clean anything that you steal and wish to keep. There’s no need to stress one or two Digipicks, but if one of your favorite weapons came into your possession through thievery, get it cleaned!

Now that you know how to remove the stolen icon from items in your inventory, be sure to check out our Starfield Strategy Guide. We have more amazing tips and guides like this, and your time traveling the stars will be better for it.

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