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Roblox is coming to PlayStation consoles next month


Roblox is coming to PlayStation consoles next month

The hit sandbox game will be available on PS4 and PS5 in October.

Donovan Erskine

Donovan Erskine

September 8, 2023 11:50 AMRoblox1

Roblox is one of the world’s most popular games, pulling in tens of millions of players into its various worlds and experiences. The game is currently available for PC and Xbox, and fans have been clamoring for it to expand to other platforms. Those wishes are finally being granted, as it’s been announced that Roblox is coming to PS4 and PS5.

The PlayStation release of Roblox was revealed during the RDC 2023 event. In October, the free-to-play game will be available on both PS4 and PS5, putting it on par with Xbox. The company also announced that the Xbox version of Roblox will receive an upgrade, adding “a new look, frequent updates (with access to the latest features), improved content recommendations, and an improved user experience.”

It was also announced that Roblox will be coming to Meta Quest VR, though we already knew about the existence of a VR version. The press release also includes details about the Roblox Corporation’s plans to implement generative AI into the sandbox game.

Roblox boasts a mind-boggling 65 million daily active users, and the Roblox Corporation is looking to expand its base even further with the upcoming PlayStation and Meta Quest releases. As Roblox continues to grow and evolve, stay with us here on Shacknews.

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