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Romero hints at old-school FPS plans

Romero hints at old-school FPS plans

John Romero has hinted at plans for an “old-school” FPS, but denied a cheeky suggestion that it’s Daikatana 2.

Steve Watts

March 13, 2012 10:30 AM22

Shooter pioneer and hair enthusiast John Romero has been laying low lately, but he’s hinted at plans to get back into first-person shooter development. His single vague comment didn’t shed much light on what this mystery project is, but we certainly know what it isn’t.

A fan and indie developer asked on Twitter if Romero has called it quits on the old-school FPS, also directing the question at George Broussard. Romero tweeted in reply, “Definitely not! I have plans…” He followed up roughly a half-hour later, claiming, “There will be no DK2!”

Whatever his FPS plans, it will mark a return after a full decade away from the genre. We’ve seen rapid advances in the genre as its popularity has exploded, so we have to wonder just how “old-school” Romero plans to make his, and how that will be accepted by a modern audience.

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