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Rovio IPO not launching in 2012

Rovio IPO not launching in 2012

This year is too early to launch a Rovio IPO, according to company marketing chief Peter Vesterbacka.

Steve Watts

January 20, 2012 11:30 AM3

Angry Birds has achieved massive, almost baffling success. If you want to get in on some of that sweet, sweet poultry-flinging money, though, you’ll have to wait. Rovio’s marketing chief says this year is too early to launch an IPO.

“We are not in a rush,” Peter Vesterbacka told Reuters (via Develop). “This year is way too early for an IPO, there are too many open things, and we are in a very early stage of the Angry Birds lifecycle.” This is in contrast to prior speculation that the IPO would launch this year.

Whenever the IPO does launch, the company seems to be leaning towards Asia. “Hong Kong is very interesting, absolutely, but again it is totally dependent on how markets develop,” he said. “Asia is where all the people are, and future growth.”

The brand has grown into one of the most massive ones in gaming, with everything from plush toys to Halloween costumes. It recently celebrated its second birthday.

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