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Saints Row: The Third ‘Gangstas in Space’ detailed

Saints Row: The Third ‘Gangstas in Space’ detailed

Saints Row: The Third’s second mission pack, Gangstas in Space, is hitting today. Volition detailed the pack and released a trailer to mark the occasion.

Steve Watts

February 21, 2012 8:00 AM10

The second mission pack for Saints Row: The Third is hitting today. The “Gangstas in Space” pack sees the heroes guiding up-and-coming actress Jenny Jaros through her Hollywood journey during the filming of the space-gangster epic.

As part of the pack, you’ll get the Aegian alien ship, alien gang customization options, and two new homies: Kwilanna (played by Jaros) and Space Brutina. The pack should be rolling out to all systems later today, and to Europe and Asian regions tomorrow morning.

Gangstas in Space is the second pack included with the DLC Season Pass, after Genkibowl VII. One more mission pack is planned after this one, but if you’d rather buy them piece-meal, they cost $6.99 (560 MSP) each.

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