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Shack PSA: Starhawk beta now open to all

Shack PSA: Starhawk beta now open to all

The Starhawk beta is now available for all PlayStation 3 owners on the PS Store. The team has shared some first-timer tips for those just jumping into the game.

Steve Watts

February 22, 2012 8:30 AM1

The Starhawk beta is now open for all PlayStation 3 owners, as the game prepares for its May launch. The team promises that within the next few weeks, they’ll be adding a new map, vehicles, weapons, and 32-player matches.

This is a beta, of course, so Lightbox is soliciting feedback from players on the Starhawk Beta forum. The developers have noted a few tips for beginners on the PlayStation Blog. They advise you to build new structures rather than repeat them, use mics, and plan your Skills to complement your play style.

The beta has gone through several iterations of exclusivity, from a code in copies of Uncharted 3 to a private beta to a PlayStation Plus beta. The game is finally available for everyone, giving it a few months to test before it releases on May 8.

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