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Shacknews Best Remake of 2023 – Resident Evil 4

When it comes to Capcom, the team developing Resident Evil remakes simply do not miss. Resident Evil 4 is a titanic achievement, securing Shacknews’ first ever 10. There were so many incredible remakes released in 2023, but as part of our deliberations for this award, we could not stop circling back to Resident Evil 4.

Originally released in 2005, Resident Evil 4 changed the landscape of what players would come to expect from a Resident Evil title. It fused together the creepy threat of the Umbrella Corporation and high-octane action with a main story and plenty of side quests. Cut to 2023, and Capcom has delivered a perfected game that captures the essence of the original while lifting the experience.

Visually, the Resident Evil 4 remake is a treat. It stands leaps and bounds ahead of the 2005 release and sits on par with the recent remakes from Capcom’s catalogue. But advancements to the game are more than just in the visual realm, the developers have enhanced nearly all areas and even added in some new treats for fans.

Take, for instance, the president’s own daughter, Ashley. In the original, dealing with Ashley was somewhat of a chore, but in the remake she grows as a person, becomes more resilient, and can actually aid Leon on his adventure. Leon is no slouch either, now able to parry attacks and even repair his trusty knife as well as use a host of new weapons.

As mentioned in the opener, the Resident Evil 4 remake was the first 10 given to a game here at Shacknews and TJ Denzer had nothing but high praise. “The story is not only refreshed, but improved, and the shifts and added details will likely delight fans of this series as much as they delighted me,” Denzer wrote in his review. “Moreover, New Game+ and all sorts of other unlockables after the credits mean we’ll all be likely playing through this one over and over again.”

Capcom somehow managed to take the perfect experience of the 2005 title and elevate the experience. The developers stripped away the archaic things that no longer worked and added in new and exciting twists for fans and newcomers alike. There could be no other option this year as Resident Evil 4 stood out as the most deserving of the Shacknews Best Remake of 2023 award.

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