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Shiver, Frye & Big Man Splatfest winner – Splatoon 3


Shiver, Frye & Big Man Splatfest winner – Splatoon 3

The full results of the Best Leader Anniversary Splatfest with teams: Shiver, Frye, and Big Man.

Sam Chandler

Sam Chandler

September 10, 2023 7:25 PM1

The results are in for the Best Leader Splatfest in Splatoon 3. This Anniversary Splatfest had players pick who would be the best leader, Shiver, Frye, or Big Man, and fight to gain points for their team. There was a lot of colored paint being thrown around, but only one idol can be crowned the best leader. Here are the results!

Best Leader: Shiver, Frye, or Big Man Splatfest results

The winner of the Best Leader Anniversary Splatfest is Shiver. While most of the categories were close, separated by only a few percentage points, Shiver was by far the favorite among voters.

Best Leader: Shiver, Frye, Big Man Splatfest results
Shiver Frye Big Man
Conch Shells 32.49% 34.65% (7p) 32.86%
Votes 55.18% (8p) 17.73% 27.09%
Open 33.51% (12p) 33.13% 33.36%
Pro 29.83% 34.82% 35.35% (12p)
Tricolor Battle 34.06% (18p) 32.48% 33.46%
Total points 38p 7p 12p

The Conch Shell category tracked which team leveled up their Catalog the most. This was won by Frye with Big Man trailing by 1.79 percentage points and Shiver coming in last. It seems that despite having more members on her team, Shiver voters didn’t level up as much as the others.

When it comes to the votes, this is where Splatoon 3 players really showed who they prefer the most or at least who they think is the better leader. Shiver walked away with 55.18 percent of the votes, a number that approached the Gear, Grub, and Fun Splatfest voting results. Big Man saw 27.09 percent of the votes while Frye trailed with a 17.73 percent.

The Clout categories is where Shiver secured the victory. The Open slot saw Team Shiver win 33.51 percent of the matches, trailed extremely closely by Team Big Man with 33.36 percent. Pro is where Team Big Man proved most effective, earning 35.35 percent while Team Frye netted 34.82 percent and Team Shiver lagged behind with 29.83 percent. But then the Tri-Color Battle is where things got back on track for Shiver as her team netted 34.06 percent of the wins, trailed by Big Man at 33.46 percent.

This all resulted in Shiver earning 38 points, Big Man swimming away with 12 points, and Team Frye earning their idol 7 points.

Now that we all know who is the true best leader out of the idols, we can get back to battling it out and leveling up our Catalogs. Stay tuned to Shacknews for information on the next Splatfest and read over our Splatoon 3 page for the latest news, guides, and more.

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