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Sins of a Dark Age announced, is free-to-play

Sins of a Dark Age announced, is free-to-play

Ironclad Games has announced Sins of a Dark Age, an action-RTS hybrid that adopts the “Hero and Commander” strategy genre.

Steve Watts

February 21, 2012 1:00 PM2

Ironclad Games, creators of Sins of a Solar Empire, have announced a new fantasy twist on their most famous property: Sins of a Dark Age. The real-time strategy title will be the studio’s take on the “Hero and Commander Strategy” sub-genre that’s all the rage with the kids these days. The game will be free-to-play and is due later this year.

You’ll join a team of one Commander and a squad of Heroes to work against the enemy in short, fast-paced multiplayer matches or AI scenarios. Heroes will be on the front lines battling to gain experience and unique abilities. Commanders, meanwhile, will take a more big-picture view of the battlefield: building bases, training units, and directing forces. Commanders can also use their more powerful “Realm Powers” abilities to turn a battle in their favor.

“Sins of a Dark Age is something totally unique in the strategy genre,” said Ironclad co-founder Blair Fraser, in the announcement. “Like Sins of a Solar Empire, which blended 4x with real-time strategy, we’ve taken our favorite elements of traditional RTS and action RTS and added our own twists and turns that result in a completely new and unrivaled strategy experience.”

You can sign up at the game’s official site now for a chance at a slot in the game’s beta.

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