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Splatoon 3 has sold 7.9 million units since launch


Splatoon 3 has sold 7.9 million units since launch

The third entry in the series has entered the million-seller list and is rapidly approaching the lifetime sales figure of its predecessor.

Sam Chandler

Sam Chandler

November 7, 2022 11:25 PMNintendo2

Splatoon 3 has been an extremely popular title since release, receiving rave reviews from critics and players alike. This popularity has translated into several million units of sales for Nintendo since launch. Not only has Splatoon 3 entered Nintendo’s million-seller list, it sold just shy of selling 8 million units.

Nintendo’s Q2 2023 earnings report was released early Tuesday morning on November 8, 2022. The information, which is available via the Nintendo Investor Relations page, showed that Splatoon 3 has sold 7.90 million units since it launched on September 8, 2022.

In the earnings report, Nintendo notes that software titles released during the fiscal year have continued to grow steadily. The company also reports that this fiscal year has seen the number of million-seller titles reach 15. All of these have culminated in a growth in unit sales by 1.6 percent year-on-year to 95.41 million units.

Despite the success of Splatoon 3, Nintendo also noted a decline in year-on-year sales of Nintendo Switch family systems by 19.2 percent. Semiconductor shortages remain an issue for hardware sales. While these figures decreased, sales of downloadable games were “robust” with the company seeing an increase to Nintendo Switch Online. There’s a chance this was bolstered by Splatoon 3 that requires a subscription to play online multiplayer and new additions to the Nintendo 64 catalog in the Expansion Pack.

There’s more to unpack from Nintendo’s (NTDOY) Q2 2023 earnings report, including a joint venture between Nintendo and DeNA. Be sure to look over our NTDOY page for more information.

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