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Starfield console commands

Starfield console commands are an extremely valuable tool. These allow players to do a myriad of things that would otherwise be impossible or take a considerable amount of time. You might choose to make yourself invincible or unlock additional skill points. No matter how you want to use them, the console commands are there if you need them.

Starfield Console Commands

Note: Using Starfield console commands will permanently disable Achievement progress on the character. This can be fixed with mods.

Table of Contents
Common questions
How to use console commands on PC How to use console commands on Xbox
How to re-enable Achievements How to find item IDs in-game
General commands & IDs
Useful commands Faction IDs
Companion affinity commands Debug console commands
Skills & Traits
Physical Social
Combat Science
Tech Traits
Backgrounds Starborn Powers
Skill Book IDs
Weapons, Armor, Mods & Clothing
Weapon IDs Weapon Mod IDs
Weapon Component IDs Ammo IDs
Spacesuit IDs Boost Pack IDs
Helmet IDs Armor Mod IDs
Clothing IDs
Resources, Materials, Aid Items & Ships
Resource IDs Aid Item IDs
Ship IDs

How to use Starfield console commands on PC

As with many other games, you can enter the console commands by pressing the tilde key (~) on your keyboard. This is typically directly below the Esc key and beside the 1 key. Pressing it once will cause the command line to appear at the bottom of the screen. You can now type a console command into it and press Enter to confirm the command. Press the tilde key again to close the command line.

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How to use Starfield console commands on Xbox

Though you can’t use console commands in Starfield on Xbox in the traditional sense, it is theoretically possible (we’ve not had a chance to test it). Anyone who has purchase Starfield through the Microsoft Store or has it on PC Game Pass will also be able to access the game on Xbox. The trick is to load up on PC, use the commands you want (like more credits), save your game, and then shift to your Xbox and resume play.

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How to re-enable Achievements

Using the console command in Starfield will disable Achievements. This is used to prevent players from being able to easily just unlock all the Achievements. However, you can circumvent this retriction by downloading mods like the Achievement Enabler mod on Nexus Mods. Please refer to the mod description on the site to see how to install it. These instructions may be updated over time, so it’s best to refer to the source. Additionally, if you update Starfield you may need to re-enable this mod again.

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How to find item IDs in-game

While you can refer to the tables below for everything you need, you can also look up item IDs in-game using Starfield’s console commands. This is the command you type in but you’ll be replacing the brackets and what appears in them:

help (item name) 4 (form type)

If you wanted to find the item ID for Trauma Pack you would enter help trauma pack 4

The (form type)is used to narrow down your search parameters. If you search something and you get too many results, try inputting some of the following shorthand letters into the command.

AMMO- Different types of ammoARMO- All armor and clothingALCH- Food and drink and other things you can consumeBOOK- All types of reading material including books, magazine, notes etcFACT- FactionsMISC- Credits, Digipicks, and other miscellaneous junkNPC_- Self-explanatory, this will show non-player charactersKEYM- KeysOMOD- ModsPERK- Skills, Traits, Backgrounds, Starborn Powers etcQUST- QuestsSPEL- Status EffectsWEAP- WeaponsGBFM- Ships

All item IDs in the game should be eight digits long and will be hexadecimal. If an ID starts with a zero, you can drop the zero. For example Europium is00000570, so you should just be able to type in 570 and get the item you need.

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Useful console commands

Below is a set of useful console commands that you are likely going to want to utilize. Further below are item IDs and some debug commands. Remember, using console commands will disable Achievements – but you can download mods to address this. Firstly, two item codes you might want to remember:

Credits ID: 0000000FDigipicks: 0000000A

Useful console commands
(WeaponID).amod (Mod ID) Attaches a mod to the specified weapon. “.amod” goes between the two with a space before the mod ID.
(WeaponID).rmod (Mod ID) Removes mod from the specified weapon. “.rmod” goes between the two with a space before the mod ID.
kah Kills all nearby hostiles
kill A targeted kill command. Open the console, click an NPC, and then type kill. This won’t kill mission critical NPCs.
killall Kills everything near you
passtime (#) Passes time by a set number of hours.
player.additem (item ID) (#) Adds an item to your inventory and the specified amount. Replace the # with the quantity.
player.addperk (id) Adds a skill or trait to your character.
player.kill Kills your character.
player.modav experience (#) Adds the specified number of experience to your current XP.
player.setav carryweight (#) Adjusts your carryweight to the number. Replace # with the carryweight.
player.paycrimegold 0 0 (faction ID) Pays off the bounty of the faction you specify. Use the Faction ID listed below.
player.placeatme (item ID) (#) Spawns an item in front of you.
player.removeperk (id) Remove a skill or trait.
player.setav health (#) Changes your maximum health.
player.setav speedmult (#) Used to adjust your movement speed.
player.setlevel (#) Change your character level.
psb Adds all Starfield powers.
resurrect Brings a dead body back to life.
saq Starts all quests. This will crash your game, probably.
caqs Completes all quests. This will also crash your game, probably.
setforcespeechchallengealwayssucceed (#) Setting this to 1 will cause all persuasion challenges to succeed.
setgravityscale (#) Changes the gravity of the planet you are on.
sexchange Changes your gender and resets your appearance.
showlooksmenu player 1 Character creator menu (This will reset your character’s appearance. Use the next command instead.)
showlooksmenu player 2 Character creator menu “lite”.
showmenu sleepwaitmenu The pass time, wait, and sleep menu will open.
tai Turns off AI, or turns it back on.
tcai Turns off NPC combat AI, making them stand around. Turn it back on to make them fight once more.
tcl Turns collision detection on and off. Allows you to move through walls.
tdetect Disables enemy detection when you’re in stealth.
tfc Toggle free cam
tgm Toggles god mode: infinite stamina and carry weight and makes you invincible.
tim Toggles immortal mode: God mode lite. You won’t die, but you will still take damage.
tm Toggles menus: Hides or shows the UI.
tmm 1 Marks all locations of a planet on your map.
unlock Target a door or container and type this to unlock it.

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Faction IDs

Use the commandplayer.paycrimegold 0 0 (faction ID)to pay off any bounties for the following factions.

Crimson Fleet: 00010B30Freestar Collective: 000638E5Freestar Rangers: 96529House Va’ruun:2758C5Neon/Ryujin Industries: 0026FDEARed Mile:2B209DRyujin Industries: 17CF8DTrade Authority: 0022E53DUnited Colonies: 0005BD93Xenofresh Corporation:22892D

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Companion affinity commands

Anger commands:Setav com_angerlevel 0.00Setav com_angerlevel 1.00Setav com_angerlevel 2.00Relationship commands:Setav com_affinitylevel 0.00Setav com_affinitylevel 1.00Setav com_affinitylevel 2.00Setav com_affinitylevel 3.00

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Skill & Trait IDs

addperk [id]removeperk [id]

<tr”>File Not Found2DFD1A

Skill & Trait IDs
Boxing 002C59DF
Fitness 002CE2DD
Stealth 002CFCB2
Weight Lifting 002C59D9
Wellness 002CE2E1
Energy Weapon Dissipation 002C59E2
Environmental Conditioning 0028AE17
Gymnastics 0028AE29
Nutrition 002CFCAD
Pain Tolerance 002CFCAE
Cellular Regeneration 0028AE14
Decontamination 002CE2A0
Martial Arts 002C5554
Concealment 002C555E
Neurostrikes 002C53B4
Rejuvenation 0028AE13
Commerce 002C5A8E
Gastronomy 002C5A94
Persuasion 0022EC82
Scavenging 0028B853
Theft 002C555B
Deception 002CFCAF
Diplomacy 002C59E1
Intimidation 002C59DE
Isolation 002C53AE
Negotiation 002C555F
Instigation 002C555D
Leadership 002C890D
Outpost Management 0023826F
Manipulation 002C5555
Ship Command 002C53B3
Xenosociology 002C53B0
Ballistics 002CFCAB
Dueling 002CFCB0
Lasers 002C59DD
Pistol Certification 002080FF
Shotgun Certification 0027DF97
Demolitions 002C5556
Heavy Weapons Certification 00147E38
Incapacitation 0027DF96
Particle Beams 0027BAFD
Rifle Certification 002CE2E0
Marksmanship 002C890B
Rapid Reloading 002C555A
Sniper Certification 002C53B1
Targeting 002C59DA
Armor Penetration 0027DF94
Crippling 0027CBBA
Sharpshooting 002C53AF
Astrodynamics 002C5560
Geology 002CE29F
Medicine 002CE2DF
Research Methods 002C555C
Surveying 0027CBC1
Botany 002C5557
Scanning 002CFCB1
Spacesuit Design 0027CBC3
Weapon Engineering 002C890C
Zoology 002C5552
Astrophysics 0027CBBB
Chemistry 002CE2C0
Outpost Engineering 002C59E0
Aneutronic Fusion 002C2C5A
Planetary Habitation 0027CBC2
Special Projects 0004CE2D
Ballistic Weapon Systems 002CE2C2
Boost Pack Training 00146C2C
Piloting 002CFCAC
Security 002CE2E2
Targeting Control Systems 002C5559
Energy Weapon Systems 002C59DB
Engine Systems 002CE2DE
Payloads 00143B6B
Shield Systems 002C2C59
Missile Weapon Systems 002C5558
Particle Beam Weapon Systems 002C2C5B
Robotics 002C5553
Starship Design 002C59DC
Starship Engineering 002AC953
Automated Weapon Systems 0027B9ED
Boost Assault Training 0008C3EE
EM Weapon Systems 002C53B2
Alien DNA 00227FDA
Dream Home 00227FDF
Empath 00227FD6
Extrovert 00227FD7
Freestar Collective Settler 00227FD5
Hero Worshipped 00227FD9
Introvert 00227FD8
Kid Stuff 00227FDE
Neon Street Rat 00227FD3
Raised Enlightened 00227FD2
Raised Universal 00227FD1
Serpent’s Embrace 00227FD0
Spaced 00227FE2
Taskmaster 00227FE0
Terra Firma 00227FE1
United Colonies Native 00227FD4
Wanted 00227FDD


Beast Hunter 22EC76
Bouncer 22EC81
Bounty Hunter 22EC80
Chef 22EC7F
Combat Medic 22EC7E
Cyber Runner 22EC7D
Cyberneticist 22EC7C
Diplomat 22EC7B
Explorer 22EC79
Gangster 22EC78
Homesteader 22EC77
Industrialist 22EC7A
Long Hauler 22EC75
Pilgrim 22EC73
Professor 22EC72
Ronin 22EC74
Sculptor 22EC71
Soldier 22EC70
Space Scoundrel 22EC6F
Xenobiologist 22EC6E

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Starborn Power IDs

You can use Starfield commands to add Starborn Powers and level them up. Use the player.addspell to unlock a power and then the player.addperk command to level it up. For example, unlock Anti-Gravity Field by typing player.addspell 2BACBA and then level it up by typing player.addperk 25E19C. You can add a number to the end to level it up to the specified rank (up to 10).

Starborn Powers
Anti-Gravity Field 2BACBA
Anti-Gravity Field level up 25E19C
Create Vacuum 2C5390
Create Vacuum level up 25E19B
Creators’ Peace 2C538D
Creators’ Peace level up 25E19A
Earthbound 2BACB5
Earthbound level up 25E199
Elemental Pull 2C5391
Elemental Pull level up 25E198
Alien Reanimation 2C538F
Alien Reanimation level up 25E19D
Eternal Harvest 2BACB4
Eternal Harvest level up 25E197
Grav Dash 2C538C
Grav Dash level up 25E196
Gravity Wave 2BACB7
Gravity Wave level up 25E195
Gravity Well 2C5A62
Gravity Well level up 25E193
Inner Demon 2C5399
Inner Demon level up 25E192
Life Forced 2C538B
Life Forced level up 25E191
Moon Form 2C5A4E
Moon Form level up 25E190
Parallel Self 2C5A67
Parallel Self level up 25E18E
Particle Beam 2C5A66
Particle Beam level up 25E18D
Personal Atmosphere 2C5389
Personal Atmosphere level up 25E18C
Phased Time 2C5A63
Phased Time level up 25E18B
Precognition 2C538A
Precognition level up 25E18F
Reactive Shield 2BACB6
Reactive Shield level up 25E19E
Sense Star Stuff 2C5A54
Sense Star Stuff level up 25E18A
Solar Flare 2C5A59
Solar Flare level up 25E189
Sunless Space 2C5388
Sunless Space level up 25E188
Supernova 2C5387
Supernova level up 25E187
Void Form 2C5A53
Void Form level up 25E186

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Skill Book IDs

Skill Book IDs
Colonization Guide 01 2009E3
Colonization Guide 02 2009E2
Colonization Guide 03 2009E1
Colonization Guide 04 2009E0
Colonization Guide 05 2009DF
Colonization Guide 06 2009DE
Colonization Guide 07 2009DD
Colonization Guide 08 2009DC
Colonization Guide 09 2009DB
Colonization Guide 10 2009DA
CombaTech Catalog 01 212940
CombaTech Catalog 02 21293E
CombaTech Catalog 03 21293D
CombaTech Catalog 04 21293C
CombaTech Catalog 05 21293B
Constellation Guide 01 208E91
Constellation Guide 02 208E90
Constellation Guide 03 208E8F
Constellation Guide 04 208E8E
Constellation Guide 05 208E8D
Cyber Runner’s Cipher 01 208D8E
Cyber Runner’s Cipher 02 208D8D
Cyber Runner’s Cipher 03 208D8C
Cyber Runner’s Cipher 04 208D8B
Cyber Runner’s Cipher 05 208D8A
Dragonstar Force Vol 1 23E972
Dragonstar Force Vol 10 23E929
Dragonstar Force Vol 11 23E928
Dragonstar Force Vol 12 23E927
Dragonstar Force Vol 13 23E926
Dragonstar Force Vol 14 23E925
Dragonstar Force Vol 15 23E924
Dragonstar Force Vol 16 23E923
Dragonstar Force Vol 17 23E922
Dragonstar Force Vol 18 23E921
Dragonstar Force Vol 19 23E920
Dragonstar Force Vol 2 23E931
Dragonstar Force Vol 20 23E91F
Dragonstar Force Vol 21 23E91E
Dragonstar Force Vol 22 23E91D
Dragonstar Force Vol 23 23E91C
Dragonstar Force Vol 24 23E91B
Dragonstar Force Vol 25 23E91A
Dragonstar Force Vol 26 23E919
Dragonstar Force Vol 27 23E918
Dragonstar Force Vol 28 23E917
Dragonstar Force Vol 29 23E916
Dragonstar Force Vol 3 23E930
Dragonstar Force Vol 30 23E915
Dragonstar Force Vol 4 23E92F
Dragonstar Force Vol 5 23E92E
Dragonstar Force Vol 6 23E92D
Dragonstar Force Vol 7 23E92C
Dragonstar Force Vol 8 23E92B
Dragonstar Force Vol 9 23E92A
Freestar Captain’s Log 01 201BD7
Freestar Captain’s Log 02 201BD6
Freestar Captain’s Log 03 201BD5
Freestar Captain’s Log 04 201BD4
Freestar Captain’s Log 05 201BD3
GRUNT Issue 01 21D05A
GRUNT Issue 02 21B050
GRUNT Issue 03 21B04F
GRUNT Issue 04 21B04E
GRUNT Issue 05 21B04D
GRUNT Issue 06 21B04C
GRUNT Issue 07 21B04B
GRUNT Issue 08 21B04A
GRUNT Issue 09 21B049
GRUNT Issue 10 21B048
Gunslinger’s Guide 01 20BB30
Gunslinger’s Guide 02 20BB2F
Gunslinger’s Guide 03 20BB2E
Gunslinger’s Guide 04 20BB2D
Gunslinger’s Guide 05 20BB2C
Kryx’s Journal Entry 01 209093
Kryx’s Journal Entry 02 209092
Kryx’s Journal Entry 03 209091
Kryx’s Journal Entry 04 209090
Kryx’s Journal Entry 05 20908F
Mining Monthly Issue 01 20B4B5
Mining Monthly Issue 02 20B4B4
Mining Monthly Issue 03 20B4B3
Mining Monthly Issue 04 20B4B2
Mining Monthly Issue 05 20B4B1
Mining Monthly Issue 06 20B4B0
Mining Monthly Issue 07 20B4AF
Mining Monthly Issue 08 20B4AE
Mining Monthly Issue 09 20B4AD
Mining Monthly Issue 10 20B4AC
Neon Nights 01 200A88
Neon Nights 02 200A87
Neon Nights 03 200A86
Neon Nights 04 200A85
Neon Nights 05 200A84
Nova Galactic Manual 01 2009B6
Nova Galactic Manual 02 2009B5
Nova Galactic Manual 03 2009B4
Nova Galactic Manual 04 2009B3
Nova Galactic Manual 05 2009B2
Nova Galactic Manual 06 2009B1
Nova Galactic Manual 07 2009B0
Nova Galactic Manual 08 2009AF
Nova Galactic Manual 09 2009AE
Nova Galactic Manual 10 2009AD
Peak Performance 01 202D9E
Peak Performance 02 202D9D
Peak Performance 03 202D9C
Peak Performance 04 202D9B
Peak Performance 05 202D9A
Solomon’s Adventures 01 208D89
Solomon’s Adventures 02 208D88
Solomon’s Adventures 03 208D87
Solomon’s Adventures 04 208D86
Solomon’s Adventures 05 208D85
The New Atlantian 01 1FF726
The New Atlantian 02 1FF725
The New Atlantian 03 1FF724
The New Atlantian 04 1FF723
The New Atlantian 05 1FF722
Trackers Primer 01 20909B
Trackers Primer 02 20909A
Trackers Primer 03 209099
Trackers Primer 04 209098
Trackers Primer 05 209097
UC Defense Manual 01 209FBA
UC Defense Manual 02 209FB9
UC Defense Manual 03 209FB8
UC Defense Manual 04 209FB7
UC Defense Manual 05 209FB6
Va’ruun Scripture 01 20A924
Va’ruun Scripture 02 20A923
Va’ruun Scripture 03 20A922
Va’ruun Scripture 04 20A921
Va’ruun Scripture 05 20A920
Va’ruun Scripture 06 20A91F
Va’ruun Scripture 07 20A91E
Va’ruun Scripture 08 20A91D
Va’ruun Scripture 09 20A91C
Va’ruun Scripture 10 20A91B
Vanguard Space Tactics 01 2009D8
Vanguard Space Tactics 02 2009D7
Vanguard Space Tactics 03 2009D6
Vanguard Space Tactics 04 2009D5
Vanguard Space Tactics 05 2009D4

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Weapon IDs

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory. Example: player.additem 002B565B 1 would add one AA-99 to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

You can change the quality of the weapon by putting it on the ground (player.placeatme works), opening the console, selecting it to get its unique ID, and then using the code: [UniqueID].amod [QualityID]

There are a few quality levels:

Level 1 (Calibrated): 0028F442Level 2 (Refined): 0028F443Level 3 (Advanced): 0028F444Level 5: 0028F445 (This just increases the stats)

AA-99 002BF65B
Arc Welder 0026D965
AutoRivet 0026D964
Barrow Knife 0026F181
Beowulf 0004716C
Big Bang 0026D963
Breach 000547A3
Bridger 0026D96A
Calibrated solstice 0026D961
Coachman 0026D96B
Combat Knife 00035A48
Cutter 00016758
Discarded Sidestar 002F413A
Drum Beat 0018DE2C
Ecliptic Pistol 0026D96E
Eon 000476C4
Equinox 0001BC4F
Grendel 00028A02
Hard Target 000546CC
Kodama 00253A16
Kraken 0021FEB4
Lawgiver 0002D7F4
Maelstrom 002984DF
MagPulse 00023606
MagShear 0002EB3C
MagShot 0002EB42
MagSniper 0002EB45
MagStorm 0026035E
Microgun 000546CD
Novablast Disruptor 0026D968
Novalight 0026D967
Old Earth Assault Rifle 0026ED2A
Old Earth Hunting Rifle 0021BBCD
Old Earth Shotgun 00278F74
Orion 002773C8
Osmium Dagger 0026D966
Pacifier 002953F8
Rattler 00040826
Razorback 00000FD6
Regulator 0002CB5F
Rescue Axe 0004F760
Shotty 0026D960
Sidestar 0026D95D
Tanto 0026D8A3
Tombstone 0002EB36
UC Naval Cutlass 0026D8A5
Urban Eagle 0026D96D
VaRuun Inflictor 0026D8A0
VaRuun Painblade 0026D8A2
VaRuun Starshard 0026D8A4
Wakiazashi 0026D8A1

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Weapon Mod IDs

(WeaponID).amod (Mod ID)Attaches a mod to the specified weapon. “.amod” goes between the twoExample: To add Bashing to an AA-99 input the following code:002BF65B.amod 000FEA07(WeaponID).rmod (Mod ID)Removes mod from the specified weapon. “.rmod” goes between the two

Weapon mods
Anti-Personnel: +10% damage against humans 000FF442
Bashing: Deals double damage when gun bashing. 000FEA07
Berserker: Does more damage the less armor one has. 000F437E
Cornered: Damage increases as health decreases. 000F428E
Demoralizing: Small chance to demoralize a target. 000FC884
Disassembler: +20% damage against robots. 001625EB
Elemental: Randomly deals Corrosive, Radiation, Poison, and Incendiary damage. 0031C0C5
Explosive: Randomly switches to explosive rounds. 000FA8D6
Extended Magazine: Doubles the base magazine capacity. 000FFA3B
Exterminator: +30% damage against aliens. 0015DD18
Frenzy: Small chance to frenzy a target. 000FC8A4
Furious: Each consecutive hit deals more damage. 000EA117
Handloading: Volatile rounds that are designed to pack a bigger punch, but aren’t as stable and can fail on occasion. 000EA0BA
Hitman: +15% damage while aiming. 00122F1C
Incendiary: 10% chance to ignite nearby attackers. 00002983
Incendiary: Randomly deals incendiary damage. 0007D728
Instigating: Deals double damage to targets with full health. 000F2013
Lacerate: Randomly applies a bleed effect to the target. 000FEA49
Med Theft: Chance that humans drop extra Med Packs on death. 000FFA3C
Poison: Randomly deals poison damage and slows the target. 00319AEC
Rapid: +25% increase in attack speed. 000FEA04
Shattering: Break through even the strongest armor. 000F4557
Skip Shot: Every fourth shot fires two projectiles at once. 0031C0C4
Space-Adept: +30% damage while in space, -15% damage while on a planet. 000F7321
Staggering: Small chance to stagger enemies. 000E8D64
Telsa: Rounds will sometimes emit electricity where they land that damages and slows nearby targets. 0031C0C6
Titanium Build: Premium build materials make this weapon light as a feather. 000FFA3D

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Weapon Component IDs

Weapon components
Amplifier 13366E
Annihilator Rounds 12C81B
Armor-Piercing Rounds 2BDD72
Binary Trigger 128C60
Bullet Hose C521
Burst Fire 12C5B3
Choke 132C55
Compensator 133A85
Depleted Uranium Rounds 12FFAC
Double Barrel Muzzle 12B493
Drum Magazine 1230C6
Electromagnetic Beams 133669
EM-Charged Shot 1285F1
Ergonomic Grip 1230CE
Explosive Rounds 2BDD74
Flechette Drum Magazine 12B478
Flechette Large Magazine 12B47A
Flechette Rounds 1285F2
Flechette Tactical Magazine 12B479
Focal Lens 12DF14
Focus Nozzle 12DF15
Folding Stock 4A7A8
Foregrip with Laser Sight 15F475
Foregrip with Recon Laser Sight 13136C
Fully Automatic 133A91
Glow Sights 132C44
Gut Buster Rounds 1230D8
Hair Trigger 245FAB
High Powered 133A72
High Velocity 133A74
Hornet Nest 1230F4
Ignition Beams 3997AF
Iron Sights 245FAE
Large Battery 12DF0D
Large Magazine 132C4A
Laser Sight 1F0A2C
Long Barrel 14AFD8
Long Scope 12A783
Magnetic Rails 12A79F
Medium Magazine 4A741
Medium Scope 12D04D
Muzzle Brake 14629D
Overclocked 1230C2
Penetrator Rounds 1298AE
Precision Tuning 12DF12
Recon Laser Sight 1341F0
Recon Scope 12C812
Red Dot Sight 87533
Reflex Sight 132C43
Removed Cover 5B98F
Semi-Automatic 1341F9
Shielded Tool Grip 12454F
Shock Charge Band 12A787
Short Barrel 129F42
Short Scope 1341E9
Short Suppressor 8342F
Slug Shots 1285F0
Small Battery 12DF0C
Small Magazine 133A79
Stabilizing Barrel 1462A1
Stabilizing Stock 12DF04
Standard Barrel 10BCD9
Standard Battery 2EE2F
Standard Explosive Rounds 445A6
Standard Flechette Magazine 9B736
Standard Magazine 245FB3
Standard Whitehot Rounds 44C42
Stealth Lasers 12A7C7
Stock 193E5
Suppressor 245FB7
Tactical Battery 12DF0B
Tactical Folding Stock 12B475
Tactical Grip 133A80
Tactical Magazine 12A78A
Tactical Stock 13381D
Tech Barrel 191F1
Tesla Pylons 1230F5
Whitehot Rounds 2BDD73

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Ammo IDs

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.

The player.additem command is the best one to use for ammo, as it will add the items directly into your inventory. If, for some reason, you need to use the player.placeatme command (below), just know that it will place the ammo as individual bullets around you. You’ll spend a lot of time picking up rounds.

player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

.27 Caliber 002B559C
.43 MI Array 002B559A
.43 Ultramag 02B5599
.45 Caliber ACP 002B5598
.50 Caliber Caseless 002B5597
.50 MI Array 002B5596
1.5KV LZR Cartridges 002BAE3F
11MM Caseless 002B5595
12.5MM ST Rivet 002B5594
12G Shotgun Shell 000547A1
15X25 CLL Shotgun Shell 002B4AFC
3KV LZR Cartridge 0000E8EC
40MM XPL 002B5592
6.5MM CT 002B5590
6.5MM MI Array 002B558F
7.5MM Whitehot 002B558E
7.62x39MM 002B558D
7.77MM Caseless 0004AD3E
9x39MM 002B559B
Caseless Shotgun Shell 002B4AFB
Heavy Particle Fuse 002B558A
Light Particle Fuse 002783C7

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Spacesuit IDs

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

Spacesuit IDs
Bounty Hunter Spacesuit 00228570
Constellation Spacesuit 001E2B18
Deep Mining Spacesuit 0005278E
Deep Recon Spacesuit 002265AE
Deepcore Spacesuit 002265AE
Deepseeker Spacesuit 0016D2C4
Deimos Spacesuit 00026BF1
Ecliptic Spacesuit 0022856F
Explorer Spacesuit 002265AF
Gran-Gran’ Spacesuit 001F22BB
Ground Crew Spacesuit 002392B5
Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit 00065925
Mantis Spacesuit 00226299
Mark I Spacesuit 0001754D
Mercury Spacesuit 001D0F96
Monster Costume 00225FC9
Navigator Spacesuit 00067C94
Old Earth Spacesuit 0003084E
Operative Suit 18B54A
Peacemaker Spacesuit 0013F97D
Pirate Assault Spacesuit 00066821
Pirate Charger Spacesuit 00066826
Pirate Corsair Spacesuit 00066828
Pirate Sniper Spacesuit 0006682A
Ranger Spacesuit 00227CA0
Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit 0022B8F6
Sentinel’s UC Antixeno Spacesuit 0007B2B9
Shocktroop Spacesuit 002265AD
Space Trucker Spacesuit 0021C780
Star Roamer Spacesuit 00004E78
Starborn Spacesuit Astra 0012E187
Starborn Spacesuit Avitus 001CBA52
Starborn Spacesuit Bellum 001CBA4E
Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas 0021C77E
Starborn Spacesuit Locus 001CBA4A
Starborn Spacesuit Locus 2 001CBA49
Starborn Spacesuit Solis 002D7365
Starborn Spacesuit Tempus 002D7346
Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris 001CBA4D
Starborn Spacesuit Venator 0021C77F
SysDef Ace Spacesuit 002AAF44
SysDef Assault Spacesuit 00398104
SysDef Combat Spacesuit 0039810A
SysDef Sec Recon Spacesuit 00398108
SysDef Spacesuit 00398103
Trackers Alliance Spacesuit 00166404
UC Ace Spacesuit 00166410
UC AntiXeno Spacesuit 00206130
UC Combat Spacesuit 00257808
UC Marine Spacesuit 00257805
UC Sec Combat Spacesuit 000EF9B0
UC Sec Recon Spacesuit 000EF9AF
UC Sec Starlaw Spacesuit 000EF9AE
UC Security Spacesuit 000EF9AD
UC Startroop Spacesuit 00257809
UC Urbanwar Spacesuit 0021A86A
UC Vanguard Spacesuit 00248C0F
UC Wardog Spacesuit 0025780A
Va’Ruun Spacesuit 00227CA3

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Boost Pack IDs

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

Boost Pack IDs
Bounty Hunter Seek 001C0F34
Bounty Hunter Stalk 001C0F35
Bounty Hunter Track 001C0F33
Constellation 001E2B19
Cydonia 0003B423
Deep Mining 002EDF1F
Deep Recon 00169F55
Deepcore 000FD333
Deepseeker 0016D15B
Deimos 00026BEF
Deimos Tunnel 00026BF2
Ecliptic 00166407
Explorer 00169F51
Ground Crew 002392B3
High School Backpack 00003A77
Mantis 0016640B
Mark I 0001754E
Mercenary 0016E0B6
Mercury 001D0F95
Navigator 00067C95
Old Earth 0003084C
Peacemaker 0013F97C
Pirate Raiding 00066824
Pirate Survival 00066825
Ranger 001E2AF7
Shocktroop 00169F59
Space Trucker 0016E0BB
Star Roamer 00003E90
SY-920 Pilot 001773BD
SysDef 00398105
SysDef Pilot 002AAF43
Trackers Alliance 00166402
Tunnel Mining 00029C7A
UC Ace Pilot 0016640E
UC AntiXeno Armor Plated (Legendary) 0010A25D
UC AntiXeno Skip Pack 0020612F
UC Marine 00257807
UC Security 000EF9AC
UC Shock Armor 0021A86C
UC Vanguard Pilot 003E3D4F
VA Ruun power pack 0016D3D0

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Helmet IDs

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

Black Graviplas Helmet 001466F6
Black Open Graviplas Helmet 001466FA
Bounty Hunter Space Helmet 001C0F32
Broken Constellation Space Helmet 002EDE9C
Brown Graviplas Helmet 001466F7
Constellation Space Helmet 001E2B17
Cydonia Space Helmet 0003B424
Deep Mining Space Helmet 00052792
Deep Recon Space Helmet 00169F54
Deepcore Space Helmet 0006ABFF
Deeseeker Space Helmet 0016D15C
Deimos Space Helmet 00026BF0
Ecliptic Space Helmet 00228829
Explorer Space Helmet 00169F50
First Solider Helmet 0021F3F4
Generdyne Guard Helmet 003CD812
Gran-Gran’s Space Helmet 001F22BC
Graviplas Merc Helmet 000781F7
Gray Graviplas Helmet 001466F8
Gray Open Graviplas Helmet 001466FC
Ground Crew Space Helmet 002392B4
Incendiary UC AntiXeno Space Helmet (Legendary) 0010A25E
Mantis Space Helmet 0016640A
Mark I Space Helmet 0001754F
Mercenary Space Helmet 0016E0B5
Mercury Space Helmet 001D0F94
Navigator Space Helmet 00067C93
Neon Security Helmet 001F73EF
Old Earth Space Helmet 0003084D
Open Graviplas Helmet 000781F8
Operative Helmet 0016E0C3
Peacemaker Helmet 0013F97B
Pirate Assault Space Helmet 00066822
Pirate Charge Space Helmet 00066827
Pirate Corsair Space Helmet 00066829
Pirate Sniper Space Helmet 0006682B
Ranger Space Helmet 001E2AC1
Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet (Legendary) 00065926
Ryujin Guard Helmet 0037A34F
Security Guard Helmet 00165718
Shocktrooper Space Helmet 00169F58
Space Trucker Space Helmet 0016E0BD
Star Roamer Space Helmet 00003E8F
SY-920 Space Helmet 002F4B39
SysDef Armored Space Helmet 00398107
SysDef Space Helmet 00398106
System Def Ace Space Helmet 002AAF45
Teal Graviplas Helmet 001466F9
Teal Open Graviplas Helmet 001466FD
Trackers Alliance Space Helmet 00166403
Trident Guard Helmet 0014E44E
UC Ace Pilot Space Helmet 0016640F
UC Armored Space Helmet 0025780B
UC Marine Space Helmet 00257806
UC Sec Spaceriot Helmet 000EF9B2
UC Security Helmet 0025E8D5
UC Security Space Helmet 000EF9B1
UC Urbanwar Space Helmet 0021A86B
UC Vanguard Space Helmet 00248C0E
Va’ruun Space Helmet 0016D3D1

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Armor mod IDs

Armor mod IDs
Balanced Boostpack 3E612F
Ballistic Shielding 3AD4D9
Basic Boostpack 3E6131
EM Shielding 3AD4DA
Emergency Aid 34BAA3
Energy Shielding 3AD4DB
Exo Servos 3A83E7
Explosive Shielding F77AA
Extra Capacity 24529A
Gravitic Composites F77B7
Hacker 2C43DA
Hazard Protection 1CAC94
Heavy Shielding F77AF
Incendiary 2983
Medic 34BAA4
Optimized Servos 3A83E1
Oxygen Reserve 50AB3
Pocketed 3A83EA
Power Boostpack 3E6130
Regeneration 34BAA6
Sensor Array 3A83D9
Skip Capacity Boostpack 3E6132
Technician 1336BC

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Clothing IDs

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

Clothing IDs
Ambassador suit 003E3D51
Argos jacketed jumpsuit 001C84DB
Bayu’s corpwear 003E8E7F
Black elbow grease gear 001466EE
Black engineering outfit 001466F2
Black leather jumpsuit 001466EA
Blue collar offwork duds 00246B32
Blue collar offwork hat 00246B30
Blue elbow grease gear 00077814
Blue lab outfit 003A264E
Blue labor jumpsuit 0029E174
Blue UC leather jumpsuit 00077810
Brown elbow grease gear 001466EF
Brown engineering outfit 001466F3
Brown leather jumpsuit 00062EA3
Brown leather jumpsuit 2 001466EB
C.Morgan’s suit 003FDBF7
Chunks service uniform 001A8DDD
Clean suit 00235B7D
Corpo boardroom suit 001A4253
Corpo executive suit 00190D0B
Corpo power suit 002265B0
Corpo salary suit 0019F9C1
Corpo sleek suit 002265B1
Cream and blue dress 001F1DCE
Dalton fiennes’ suit 00177494
Deputy hat 002BA0E3
Disciples tagwear 002262D3
DJ Headphones 001625DC
DJ Headphones cap 001625DB
ECS Captian actionwear 0017A439
ECS Captian uniform 0017A436
ECS Officer uniform 0017A437
ECS uniform 0017A438
Engineering outfit 00077816
Enhanced service uniform 001A8DE6
Farming hat 00204002
Farming outfit 002262D5
Fashionable suit 00250C86
Faye sengsavahn’s outfit 0010799A
Filthy physician uniform 003EC02E
First mercenary outfit 003E5D26
First officer hat 0021113E
First officer outfit 00228826
First soldier outfit 00228825
Fishworker mask 0024EF42
Fishworker splashwear 0024EF40
Fishworker wetwear 0024EF41
Franklin roosevelt’s outfit 0021BBF1
Freestar dustwear 00224FE9
Freestar militia hat 0021712A
Freestar militia uniform 00228827
Galbank service uniform 001CB843
Generoyne security uniform 003CD810
Genevieve monohan’s suit 00177492
Genghis khan’s hat 001D8426
Genghis khan’s outfit 002262D2
Genroyne lab outfit 003CD80F
Gray elbow grease gear 001466F0
Gray labor jumpsuit 0029E175
Gray leather jumpsuit 001466EC
Green fashionable suit 002619EF
Hazmat suit 0029AEAE
Ikande’s sysdef officer uniform 00108353
Imogene salzo’s suit 00177493
Jacketed leatherwear 000788AA
Linden calderi’s suit 00177495
Masako imada’s outfit 00226298
Matteo khatri’s hat 00030B4B
Matteo’s outfit 00030B4D
Medic uniform 000028A5
Megacorp executive suit 001A52D1
Mei devine’s outfit 002262D1
Miner hard hat outfit 0026D8AA
Miner jacketed jumpsuit 0001D1D9
Miner jumpsuit 0001D1D7
Miner orebreaker outfit 0009B72F
Miner utility outfit 0001D1E7
Naeva’s outfit 00225FCA
NASA lab uniform 000C47A0
Navy tan dress 001F1DC9
Neocity corpwear 002266A2
Neon businesswear 002266A3
Neon clublife skirt 001F1DD0
Neon dancer headwear 000C900A
Neon dancer outfit 00225FCC
Neon nightlife jumpsuit 003556E7
Neon nightlife skirt 001F1DCF
Neon security uniform 00225D9E
Neon socialite skirt 00165720
Neuroboost mark I 001A2507
Neuroboost mark II 00100517
Neuroboost mark III 00100518
Neurocom mark I 00100519
Neurocom mark II 0010051A
Neurocom mark III 0010051B
Neurotac mark I 0010051C
Neurotac mark II 0010051D
Neurotac mark III 0010051F
New atlantis sec uniform 0021BBF2
Nightwear 00225DA0
Noel’s outfit 00036AFC
NYX’s Outfit 0018DE02
Paradiso staff uniform 0002FE70
Patient’s clothes 002BC183
Paxton’s officer hat 003E5D27
Physician uniform 00226297
Prison scrubs 002491EA
Prisoner outfit 00208E8B
Pryce’s suit 001BF2F8
Ranger deputy uniform 0013730B
Ranger duelwear 0022856C
Ranger hat 002BA0E1
Red mile service uniform 001CFA01
Reliant medical uniform 000028A6
Resort wear 00003C4E
Resort wear 2 00003BF6
Resort wear 3 00003C4D
Rokov’s officer hat 003EB4B4
Ryujin guard uniform 0037A34E
Ryujin lab outfit 00034110
Ryujin lab worker 001823CC
Ryujin lab worker hood 001823CB
Ryujin R&D outfit 00034114
Sam coe”s outfit 0001D1DE
Sanctum priest headwear 0016571D
Sanctum priest vestment 00225D9F
Sarah morgan’s outfit 00055905
Security flightsuit 000CC4D1
Security guard uniform 0021C784
Service industry uniform 0021C783
Shielded lab outfit 000753F4
Shinya voss outfit 0021C782
Ship captian hat 0016E0B9
Ship captian’s uniform 0021C781
Space rogue muscle gear 0029080F
Space rogue outfit 0029080E
Space trucker bar duds 002456F2
Space trucker cap 002456F3
Space trucker cargowear 00246B31
Space trucker casualwear 002456F4
Space trucker flannel 002470D2
Space trucker flannel 2 002470D1
Space trucker hat 0029080D
Space trucker haul wrap 002470D0
Space undersuit 00165722
Striker maskwear 002E18F6
Striker streetwear 00064A2E
Suit with lapel pin 00027189
Swimsuit 00002FA4
Syndicate boss suit 0011F3AD
Syndicate capo suit 0011F3A8
Syndicate club suit 0011F3AC
Syndicate pinstripes 0011F3B0
Syndicate thug suit 0011F3A7
Sysdef crew uniform 003329BB
Sysdef formal uniform 003329B4
Sysdef officer uniform 0021C1FB
Sysoef prision scrubs 000D981C
Teal elbow grease gear 001466F1
Teal leather jumpsuit 001466ED
Terrabrew barista uniform 003CF431
Terrabrew uniform 0007F88D
Trade authority uniform 001CB7E7
Trident crew uniform 00164BDD
Trident guard uniform 000DBFDA
Tritek lab outfit 00034111
UC Navy armored fatigues 002C6E7D
UC Navy crew hat 0018E260
UC Navy crew uniform 0021A86E
UC Navy duty fatigues 003E3ACF
UC Navy fatigues 002C6E7F
UC Navy hat 002C6E7E
UC Navy officer uniform 0021A86D
UC Navy recon fatigues 003E3AD1
UC Security uniform 0025E8D4
UC Sysdef crew hat 003329BC
Ularu’s suit 003B2A81
Utility flightsuit 00251F56
Vangurad officer uniform 003CAF7E
Xenofresh clean suit 0004008C
Xenofresh tech outfit 001466FF
Yellow labor jumpsuit 0029E173

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Resource IDs

There are a lot of resources, materials, and components in the game. You’ll find them all together in the following table.

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

Resources ID
Adaptive Frame 00246b6a
Adhesive 000055b1
Aldumite Drilling Rig 00202f5a
Alien Genetic Material 000C1F57
Alkanes 00005570
Aluminum 0000557d
Amino Acids 000055cd
Antibiotics 002f4436
Antimicrobial 000055ab
Antimony 0000557b
Argon 00005588
Aromatic 000055b8
Aurora 002c5884
Austinitic Manifold 00246b7c
Battlestim 002a5024
Benzene 00005585
Beryllium 000057d9
Biosuppressant 000055b2
Black Hole Heart 00122ea8
Caelumite 000788d6
Caesium 000057df
Carboxylic Acids 00005586
Clorine 0000557c
Chlorosilanes 0000557e
Cobalt 00005575
Comm Relay 00246b64
Control Rod 00246b7b
Copper 00005576
Cosmetic 000055a8
CQB-X 0029a85e
Drilling Rig 0020a02f
Dwarf Star Heart 00122eb6
Dysprosium 00005569
Emergency Kit 002a9de8
Europium 00000570
Fiber 000055af
Fiber Root 00260df0
Fiber Tissue 0024f5c3
Fluorine 00005577
Gold 00005579
Heart+ 0029cad9
Hallucinogen 0029F405
Helium-3 0000558e
High-Tensile Spidroin 000055aa
Hippolyta 002c5883
Hypercatalyst 0029f40d
Immunostimulant 000055b3
Indicite 0004ba37
Indicite Wafer 00203eb4
Infantry Alpha 0029a85c
Ionic Liquids 0000557a
Iridium 0000558a
Iron 0000556e
Isocentered Magnet 00246b77
Isotopic Coolant 00246b76
Lead 00005568
Lithium 0000557f
Lubricant 000055ba
Luxury Textile 0000559e
Mag Pressure Tank 00246b70
Membrane 000055b0
Mercury 0027c4a1
Metabolic Agent 0029f3fc
Microsecond Regulator 00246b5f
Molecular Sieve 00246b75
Monopropellant 00246b74
Neodymium 00005580
Neon 00005587
Nickel 00005572
Nuclear Fuel Rod 00246b79
Nutrient 000777fd
Ornamental Material
Palladium 00005574
Paramagnon Conductor 00246B73
Pigment 0029f400
Platinum 00005573
Plutonium 0000558c
Polymer 000055a6
Polytextile 00246b72
Positron Battery 00246b71
Power Circuit 00246b5c
Reactive Gauge 00246b6f
Rothicite 000028df
Rothicite Magnet 00203EB2
Sealant 000055cc
Sedative 000055ad
Semimetal Wafer 00246B6D
Silver 0000556a
Solvent 000055ce
Spice 000055ac
Squall 002A9DE7
Sterile Nanotubes 00246B6C
Stimulant 000055ae
Structual Hide 00261275
Structual Material 000055b9
Subgiant Heart 00122eb1
Substrate Molecule Sieve 00202782
Supercooled Magnet 00246B69
Synapse Alpha 002C5880
Tantalum 0000556f
Tasine Superconductor 00203EAF
Tau Grade Rheostat 00246b68
Titanium 0000556d
Toxin 000055cb
Trauma Pack 0029A847
Tungsten 0000556b
Uranium 00005589
Vanadium 0000558b
Veryl 00005DEE
Veryl-Treated Manifold 00203EB0
Vytinium Fuel Rod 00203EB3
Water 00005591
Whiteout 00143CB2
Xenon 000057dd
Ytterbium 00005571
Zero Wire 00246b65
Zero-G Gimbal 00246B66

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Aid Item IDs

Never run out of the valuable healing materials! Remember to use the player.additem command to add it to your inventory. Using the other command will spawn the items around you and you’ll need to pick them up manully.

player.additem (item ID) (#)Adds an item to your inventory.player.placeatme (item ID) (#)Places an item near your player.

Aid Item IDs
Addichrone 0029A851
AddiJack 001F3E85
Alien Genetic Material 000C1F57
Alien Jerky 002C7C0C
Amp 0029A856
Analgesic Poultice
Antibiotic Cocktail 0003D3A9
Antibiotic Injector 0003D3AF
Antibiotic Paste 299590
Antibiotics 002F4436
Aurora 002C5884
Bandages 002F4459
Battlestim 002A5024
BattleUp 001F3E87
Black Hole Heart 00122EA8
Boosted Injector 0003D3AC
Boudicca 0029959F
CQB-X 0029A85E
Dwarf Star Heart 122EB6
Emergency Kit 002A9DE8
Frostwolf 002C5885
Giant Heart 0029959A
Heal Gel 0003D3AB
Heal Paste 002F445C
Heart+ 0029CAD9
Hippolyta 002C5883
Hypergiant Heart 00122E9C
Immobilizer 002F445B
Infantry Alpha 0029A85C
Infused Bandages 0003D3B0
Junk Flush 00143CB1
Kefir 002C7213
Med Pack ABF9
O2 Shot 001F3E84
Panopticon 002A5025
Paramour 002C5881
Penicillin X 0029A84F
Pick-Me-Up 00255DCB
Reconstim 0029A855
Red Trench 002C587F
RedAMP 001F3E86
Repairing Immobilzer
Ship Parts 0003FB19
S.T.E.V.E. 00139E4B
Snake Oil 0029A850
Squall 002A9DE7
Subgiant Heart 00122EB1
Supermassive Heart
Synapse Alpha 002C5880
Trauma Pack 0029A847
Unprocessed Aurora 000C8721
Whiteout 00143CB2
Zipper Bandages 0003D3AA

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Ship IDs

Ship Parts ID:0003FB19Note that these weigh 10 per piece, so be prepared for the added weight.

Ship IDs
Asphalt CB 3A2E59
Asphalt CB II 3A2E57
Asphalt CB III 3A2E55
Autobahn 38D65C
Autobahn II 38D65A
Autobahn III 38D658
Babylon 3A2DFF
Babylon II 3A2DFD
Big Rig 3E60E3
Big Rig II 3E60E5
Blackhawk 2C24B
Blackhawk II 2C24F
Blackhawk III 2C251
Caravan 3A2E29
Caravan II 3A2E27
Caravan III 3A2E25
Carry ALL 3A2E53
Carry ALL II 3A2E51
Carry ALL III 3A2E4F
Civshuttle 38D656
Civshuttle II 38D654
Civshuttle III 38D652
Conqueror 2C2C2
Conqueror II 2C2CA
Conqueror III 2C302
Crossbow 3A2E17
Crossbow I 3A2E15
Crossbow III 3A2E13
Discovery 2E7461
Dolphin B196D
Dolphin II 2C3C2
Dragonfire 3A2E11
Dragonfire II 3A2E0F
Dullahan 3A2E0B
Dullahan II 3A2E09
Dullahan III 3A2E07
Econohaul D5578
Econohaul II 3E60E9
Endeavor 1BE87D
Endeavor II 1BE87F
Endeavor III 1BE881
Falcon B196B
Falcon II 2C6D2
Falcon III 2C711
Frontier FF0047B5
Galileo 2EF772
Galileo II 4239D
Galileo III 4239F
Generic Citizen F02 CA4F7
Generic Citizen F03 CA4F9
Generic Citizen F05 2EB24D
Generic Citizen F10 2EB24F
Generic Citizen FEven Toned Template CA4F3
Generic Citizen FRough CA4F5
Generic Citizen M01 CA4FF
Generic Citizen M06 CA501
Generic Citizen M07 2EB251
Generic Citizen M08 2EB253
Generic Citizen MEven Toned CA4FB
Generic Citizen MRough CA4FD
Hammerhead B1969
Hammerhead II 2C723
Helix 1DE40C
Helix I F509F
Helix II F50A0
Helix I F50C0
Highlander 3A2DF9
Highlander II 3A2DF7
Highlander III 3A2DF5
Homesteader FEvenToned Template 27A80
Homesteader M06 27A7A
Homesteader M08 27A79
Kfir D059D
Kfir II 42391
Kfir III 42393
Kfir IV 42395
Lil Muv D2D30
Lil Muv II 3E60DF
Mako 2EF76E
Mako II 423A7
Mako III 423A9
Mustang 2EF774
Mustang II 42397
Mustang III 42399
Naginata 3A2E41
Naginata II 3A2E3F
Naginata III 3A2E3D
UC Narcissus FF00AAF0
Freestar Narcissus FF00EB29
Narcissus 4237B
Narcissus (Stroud) D059B
Narcissus II 4237D
Narcissus II (Stroud) 423A1
Nimitz B1986
Nimitz II 3CFAE
Nimitz III 3CFAC
PCH II 2C247
Pelican 2C215
Pelican II 2C216
Pik Up D05A6
Pik Up II 3E60E1
Pik Up III 4238F
Privateer D0597
Privateer II B197B
Privateer III 2C33A
Pterosaur 3A2E3B
Pterosaur II 3A2E39
Pterosaur III 3A2E37
Rambler 42372
Rambler II 42374
Ranger D1861
Ranger II 2C253
Ranger III 2C263
Raptor III 3A2E79
Renegade 3A2DF3
Renegade II 38D666
Renegade III 38D664
Responder 3A2E6B
Responder II 3A2E69
Roanoke D0593
Roanoke II 2C3A8
Roanoke III 2C3AC
Scorpius 1DE40A
Scorpius F6DD6
Scorpius FEC32
Scorpius FEC33
Settler Carry-All III 1B21C3
Settler Econohaul 1B21BD
Settler Econohaul II 1B21BF
Settler Lil Muv II 1B21C1
Settler MULE 1B21B9
Settler MULE III 1B21BB
Settler Pelican II 1B21C7
Settler Slipstream 1B21C8
Settler Space OX 1B21C5
Settler Venture II 1B21CA
Slipstream 3A2E23
Slipstream II 3A2E21
Space OX 3A2E4D
Space OX II 3A2E4B
Space OX III 3A2E49
Spacer Coyote 322C19
Spacer Coyote II 33CA57
Spacer Coyote III 33CA59
Spacer F01 template B1984
Spacer F02 B1983
Spacer F03 B1982
Spacer Hyena 322C1F
Spacer Hyena II 33CA63
Spacer Hyena III 33CA65
Spacer Hyena III 33CA65
Spacer Jackal 322C1B
Spacer Jackal II 33CA5B
Spacer M01 B1980
Spacer M02 B197F
Spacer M03 B197E
Spacer M04 B197D
Spacer Raccoon 322C13
Spacer Raccoon II 33CA4B
Spacer Raccoon III 33CA4D
Spacer Raven 322C15
Spacer Raven II 33CA4F
Spacer Raven III 33CA51
Spacer Scarab 322C17
Spacer Scarab II 33CA53
Spacer Scarab III 33CA55
Spacer Scarab III 4239B
Spacer Vulture 322C1D
Spacer Vulture II 33CA5F
Spacetruk D05A1
Spacetruk II 3E60E7
Spacetruk III 2C249
Sparrow B1975
Sparrow II B1972
Sparrow III B196F
SSNN F01 template 99EDE
SSNN M02 99ED7
SSNN Sloop 315858
SSNN Sloop II 31585C
SSNN Sunsail 31586B
SSNN Sunsail II 315875
Star Parcel F01 template 99ED4
Star Parcel F02 99ED2
Star Parcel Kirov IV 3CFAA
Star Parcel M01 99EDO
Star Parcel M02 99ECF
Star Parcel Pikup 315877
Star Parcel Pikup II 31587B
Star Parcel Pikup III 31587D
Star Parcel Spacetruk 2C269
Star Parcel Spacetruk II 2C26B
Star Parcel Spacetruk III 2C2C0
Star Parcel Star Semi 3CFA8
Star Semi 3CFB2
Starborn Guardian 3732A
Starborn Guardian II 3734A
Starborn Guardian III 37360
Starborn Guardian IV 363CA5
Starborn Guardian V 363CA7
Starborn Guardian VI 363CA9
Starhawk 3A2E35
Starhawk II 3A2E33
Starhawk III 3A2E2F
Stormrider II 3A2E03
Stormrider III 3A2E01
Sunsail 3A2E1D
Sunsail II 3A2E1B
Thresher 3A2E77
Thresher II 3A2E75
Transpo 3A2E5F
Transpo II 3A2E5D
Transpo III 3A2E5B
Trebuchet 2EF770
Trebuchet II 423A3
Trebuchet III 423A5
Va’ruun Dirge 323450
Va’ruun Dirge II 3157BC
Va’ruun Dirge III 3157C1
Va’ruun Eulogy 323454
Va’ruun Eulogy II 3157FC
Va’ruun Eulogy III 315805
Va’ruun F01 template B19CB
Va’ruun F02 3B2A3
Va’ruun Hymn 323452
Va’ruun Hymn II 3157CD
Va’ruun Hymn III 3157ED
Va’ruun M01 B19CD
Va’ruun M02 3B2A5
Va’ruun Prophecy 32345A
Va’ruun Prophecy II 315842
Va’ruun Prophecy III 315852
Va’ruun Revelation 32345C
Va’ruun Revelation II 315854
Va’ruun Vigil 323458
Va’ruun Vigil II 315817
Va’ruun Vigil III 31581C
Venture D0595
Venture II 2C3BD
Venture III 2C3BF
Vindicator 3A2E05
Vindicator D5575
Vindicator II 3CFA4
Vindicator III 3CFA2
Vista 38D650
Vista II 38D64E
Vista III 38D64C
Voyager 38D662
Voyager II 38D660
Voyager III 38D65E
Wagontrain 3A2E47
Wagontrain II 3A2E45
Wagontrain III 3A2E43
Warhammer 3A2E2F
Warhammer II 3A2E2D
Warhammer III 3A2E2B
Watchdog D1864
Watchdog II B198A
Watchdog III B1988
Watchdog IV 281F69
Wendigo 3A2E71
Wendigo II 3A2E6F
Zumwalt 14A219
Zumwalt II 14A21B
Zumwalt III 14A21D

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Debug console commands

Though not ones you’ll find yourself using often, it’s always worth noting the various debug commands available to you.

Debug console commands
ShowHighMaxHeights (shmh) Shows or hides the high res max height data.
EnableStoryManagerLogging Enable story manager logging.
DumpPapyrusStacks (dps) Dumps all Papyrus stack information the log.
DumpPapyrusTimers Dumps all Papyrus timer registrations to the log.
DumpPapyrusLOSEvents Dumps all Papyrus LOS event registrations to the log.
DumpPapyrusDistanceEvents Dumps all Papyrus distance event registrations to the log.
DumpPapyrusPersistenceInfo (dppi) Dumps everything in Papyrus persisting the reference called on, or passed.
DumpPapyrusEventRegistrations Dumps all Papyrus event registrations for the specified object (and script).
StartPapyrusScriptProfile (StartPSP) Starts profiling a Papyrus script.
StopPapyrusScriptProfile (StopPSP) Stops profiling a Papyrus script.
StartPapyrusFormProfile (StartPFP) Starts profiling Papyrus scripts on a form.
StopPapyrusFormProfile (StopPFP) Stops profiling Papyrus scripts on a form.
StartPapyrusStackRootProfile Starts profiling all Papyrus stacks starting at a script.
StopPapyrusStackRootProfile Stops profiling all Papyrusstacks starting at a script.
TogglePapyrusGlobalProfiler (TPGP) Toggles Papyrus global profiling on and off (profiles everything)
Reload () Reloads the specified Papyrus script.
CallFunction Calls a papyrus function on the targeted ref. First parameter is the function, the rest are parameters.
CallQuestFunction (cqf) Calls a papyrus function on a quest. Second parameter is the function, the rest are parameters.
CallGlobalFunction (cgf) Calls a global papyrus function. First parameter is the function, the rest are parameters.
RunCompaction Run a pass of compaction if possible.
ToggleImmortalMode Toggle Immortal mode (health/stamina/magicka can decrease but never go to zero).
SetSubgraphToDebug Subgraph To Debug.
EnableRumble Enables / Disables rumble.
ToggleNavmeshInfo Toggle a view mode similar to the map camera and displays navmesh infos.
PlaySyncAnim Play Sync Anim.
SetFormKnown Sets the known flag on a form.
SetDebugQuest Sets the quest to be the only one startable from its event type.
SetQuestAliasLogging Turns alias logging on/off for a quest.
SetRace Sets the passed in actor’s race.
FindForm (find) Find a form.
PrintQuestSceneInfo Prints to the Quest Inf file the current state of scenes.
IsInvulnerable Is the actor invulnerable?
CollisionMesh Toggle Mesh Collision Info
IsolateRendering Enable isolated rendering for selected object.
ToggleWaterCurrentGeometry Displays or hides water current geometry.
PerformAction Performs the specified action on the selected actor.
StartTrackPlayerDoors Starts tracking palyer-activiated teleport doors.
StopTrackPlayerDoors Stops tracking player-activated teleport doors.
CheckPlayerDoors Compares the Tracked Player path with the quest target path.
SetInChargen Toggles aspects of Chargen Mode on/off [savingDisabled] [waitingDisabled][activationMessageDisabled]
ForceReset Force the game to run a full reset.
ForceCloseFiles Close masterfile and plugins. Useful for letting CreationKit save to a plugin that is also loaded in-game. See also HotLoadPlugin. [Caution: Use at own risk! Gameplay and new savegames may be unstable.]
HotLoadPlugin (HLP) Load or reload the named plugin. Useful for getting changes without restarting. See also ForceCloseFiles. [Caution: Use at own risk! Modified running quests will be stopped (and restarted if possible). Gameplay and new savegames may be unstable.]
GenerateBendableSpline (Spline) Generate a bendable spline geometry instance.
TestAim Test an actor’s aim.
TestLook Test an actor’s looking.
PushCamera Push camera to editor.
MoveToEditorCamera Move to the editor camera.
MoveToEditorSelection Move to the editor selection.
PlaceFurnitureTester (PFT) Place actor, who will use the selected furniture. Can specify actor type via optional parameter.
DumpConditionsFunctions Output the current counters for condition function calls.
ReloadAnimationGraphs Reload the currently loaded animation graphs.
ToggleWeaponOverlay Toggle the weapon overlay.
ForceDetect Forces the selected actor to detect the specified actor.
ChangeAnimArchetype (caa) Change the selected actor’s anim archetype.
ChangeAnimFlavor Change the selected actor’s animal flavor.
SetAngryWithPlayer Set the angry with player flag.
ForceRepath Force the actor to repath.
ForcePathFailure Force the actor’s path to fail.
DumpFormList Dump the contens of given formlist to the console output.
TraceAnimationEvents Trace an actor’s animation events.
ShowMods Show all property mods on an object.
DumpInputEnableLayers Dumps all currently used input enable layers to the console.
AttachMod Attach a mod to an object.
RemoveMod Remove a mod from an object.
SpawnTemplatedObject Spawn a ref to a templated object.[object, ilevel, pkeyword1, pkeyword2]
ResetInputEnableLayer Resets all control disables on a specific input enable layer.
ForceEnablePlayerControls (fepc) Force-enables the player’s controls, regardless of layers, see EnablePlayerControls.
ResetForceEnabledPlayerControls Resets all force-enabled player controls.
GetActorRefOwner Prints the owner of the currently selected reference.
SetActorRefOwner (saro) Sets ownership of the currently selected reference to the specified actor (or if not actor is specified, to the player).
HasActorRefOwner (haro) Returns 1 if the currently selected reference has an owner, or 0 otherwise.
SetOutfit Change the default outfit for the actor.
PassTime Passes the given number of hours asif the player were sleeping.
LinkLocations Links two locations under the given keyword.
ShowLinkedLocations Outputs all locations linked to the given one under the given keyword.
SetLinkedRef Links the current ref to the given one under the given keyword.
ResetContainer Resets the currently selected container, or if you specify “1”, then it’ll reset all containers.
SetSceneForDebug Sets the current debug scene.
PreloadExterior Preloads the exterior data for the currently selected ref.
TestPath Debug function to test a path.
ToggleControlsOverly Toggle Controls Overlay
Refresh Rebug function to refresh a reference.
DynamicResolution Change the dynamic resolution settings.
TestLoadingMenu Debug function to open/close the Loading menu in the Loading thread.
RecalcInstanceData Debug function recalc instance data for the selected ref or all loaded refs if nothing is selected.
ToggleReferencePose Roggles forcing an animgraph for the selected actor to be in the reference pose. May specify “target” or “rig” as well.
SetPersistLocation Debug function to set the persist loc on reference.
SetLocationRefType Debug function to set the loc ref type for a location on a reference.
ShowLocData Debug function to dump data about a location.
ReserveLoc Debug function to reserve a location so it can’t be used for most aliases.
UpdateAwakeSound (UAS) Update the selected actor’s currentl conscious loop.
SetHarvested Mark the current reference as Harvested or not.
PauseScene Pause or unpause the specified scene.
SpawnDupe Make a duplicate ref of the selected ref.
DisableDistantReferences Disable references more than a certain distance from the selected ref.
FireAssert Fire an assert (with text passed, if available).
ForcePersistent Force a reference to become persistent.
PlayActionCamera (pac) Play this action camera on the reference with target reference.
StopActionCamera Stop the action camera.
ChangeStance Change the actor’s stance.
AuditionWwiseEvent Set of commands for auditioning Wwise events.
AuditionReverbForm (arf) Force a given Reverb form to be active.
SetWwiseState (sws) Sets a global Wwise State
BuildAnimationData (bad) Build the animation data for the actor.
SwitchSkeleton Toggles between standard and chargen skeletons for an actor.
GetHelloorGreeting () Prints out the info id for actiors hello/greeting to actor param. One of these should be the player.
SetBoneTintRegion Add bone tint data to an object’s 3d given a region ID (integer) of that object.
SendDialogueEvent Sends a dialogue event for the selected and target actor.
SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysSucceed () player will always succeed at speech challenge.
SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysFail () player will always fail at speech challenge.
RunMaterialsAnalysis (rma) Compares the materials of the selected reference.
CaptureMessages () Captures DebugString, USER1 and USER2 messages using a Message Event Listener and sends the outout to CaptureMessage.Iua
ToggleTrijuice Toggles Trijuicing in the renderer (may slightly degrade texture filtering quality in exchange for improved performance).
SetPresentThreshold (spt) Set percentage (0-100) of scanlines covered before swap threshold is hit: default 0 (always swap)
LinkFullAccount Link full Bnet account to game-account: (username) (password)
IsLoggedIn (isonline) Is the player logged in to
GetLegalDocs (getlegaldocs) Retrieves a list of all required legal documents.
AcceptLegalDoc Accepts a legal document based on its ID: acceptlegaldoc (id)
GetDataAttachment Prints data from Profile Data Attachment: getattachment (type) (id)
DeleteDataAttachment Deletes a Profile Data Attachment: deleteattachment (type) (id)
UploadCharacterData Uploads character data playload as bnet Profile Data Attachment.
GetAttachmentLeaderboard (getattachmentleaderboard) Gets attachment leaderboard page: getattachmentleaderboard (attachment type) (leaderboard type)
LoadUnitedData Gets character data from leadersboard and caches it.
MakeUnityNPC Updates NPC with data from unity cache.
SetVolumetricLighting Parameters (vl) Set volumetric lighting parameters.
StartWorkshop (workshop) Enter Workshop mode if the player is within the buildable area of a Workshop.
ToggleVBlankOptim Toggles VBlank optim
AddKeyword Add the given keyword to the reference
RemoveKeyword Remove the given keyword on the reference.
SetAmbientParticlesEnabled Enables(1)/disables(0) ambient particles.
RemoveOutposts () Removes the given Outpost and all built items.
SetESRAMSetup Force specific ESRAM setup (-1 for automatic setup).
CallStackTraceDepth Set the callstack depth when tracing it.
CommandedActivated Commands selected actor to use a reference.
EnableGalaxyMode Enables/Disables galaxy mode.
ToggleStarFieldDebug Toggles the StarField debug on or off.
SetStarFieldCoordinateScale () Sets the StarField coordinate scale.
SetStarSystemScale (sss) Sets the star system scale.
MoveToPlanet If target player ship, move to or give path to pilot to (target) (1 to do full jump sequence).
SetOrbitSpeedScale Sets global orbit speed scale.
InstanceNamingRules Export instance naming rule data to file INRExport.txt.
GetOrbisModInfo Prints info relating to Orbis mod game data files.
ToggleSceneDebug Show debug state for scene.
SetFarClip Set far clip value. (-1 to clear override)
ToggleOverdraw Toggle overdraw
RecordScene Capture screen shots of scene. (Scene EditorID, [FPS 60 default])
LandOnPlanet (lop) Land on a planet. (lop )
TakeOffToSpace Take off to space.
PreviewBodyResources (pbr) Previews resources for a planet.
SendAffinityEvent (AffinityEvent [ObjRef]) Run an affinity event on an optional object reference.
AddPower AddPower (part) #
RemovePower RemovePower (part) #
MatlockCapture Force matlock to realize a capture.
ToggleSnapNodeMarkers Toggle snap node markers.
SetVoiceType Set an override voice type on an actor.
AddWorldSpaceToPlanet Adds a world space to a planet.
DebugDataProvider Set the name of the UI Data Provider we want to debug.
LoadAll3D Load all queued 3D.
PrintAllMenus (pam) Print all active menus.
PrintAllInputContext (paic) Print the input context stack.
AddPlotToBody (AddPlot) Plot a route to this body.
ReloadFaceData Reload face data.
SetGravityScale Sets gravity scale on a ref’s parent cell.
PreviewBlock PreviewBlock (blockname) (biome).
ExportTerrainTextures Export terrain textures.
ExportTerrainGrids Export terrain grids.
ExportTerrainHeightMap Export terrain height map.
ExportTerrainSplatMap Explort terrain splat map.
ExportTerrainMaterialIndexMap Export terrain material index map.
ExportTerrainFiles Export terrain files.
UpdateTerrainClipmaps Refresh Terrain Clipmaps.
ToggleDebugCamera Toggle debug camera (mode name)
CyclePrevDebugCamera Cycle to previous debug camera.
CycleNextDebugCamera Cycle to next debug camera.
ToggleDebugCameraControls Toggle debug camera controls.
SetImGuiWindowFunction (siw) Activate an ImGui window.
InvokeUIEvent Invokes a ui > c++ event.
HotReloadUI Hot Reloads the User Interface SWFs.
SetPosRelativeToRef Script function to set the position of the picked ref relatively to another ref (defaulted to the player).
FaceRef Make a ref face towards another ref (defaulted to the player), with an extra angle offset.
SetWorkshopItem Set the Workshop menu’s Node Cursor to the currently selected reference, if any.
GenerateNavMesh Generates nav-mesh on the current cell.
LandOnPlanetAnimated Land players spaceship with animation.
startNewGame Command to trigger new game on main menu without UI.
ForcedBleedout Force an actor to enter bleedout.
ForceConditionFormTrue Force a condition form to true. args: FromID, (enable)0/1, (permanent)0/1.
ForceConditionFormFalse Force a condition form to false. args: FromID, (enable)0/1, (permanent)0/1.
LandOnPlanetBiome Land on a planet’s biome. (lopb (planetname) (biome index) [(centered)0/1])
LandOnPlanetMarker Land at a marker on the current planet.
TestAllPlanets TestPlanets
ClearLinkedRef Clear a linked reference.
SetLocalTime Sets the local time on the current planet, optionally updating the galaxy sim.
ReloadMaterials Reloads all materials.
PlacementOnCell Test overlay placement on a cell. (poc (cellindex.x)(xellindex.y))
ToggleWorkshopFlyCam Toggle workshop flycam.
CheckBiomeMarker Finds uses in the loaded area of the given biome marker.
TestBiomePlanet (tbp) Creates a full planet set to use the given biome exclusively and puts the player there.
PreviewPattern PreviewPattern (patternname)(biome)
SetHavokDynamic Set reference motion to dynamic with optional mass in kg.
SetHavokKinematic Set reference motion to kinematic.
SetHavokActive Set reference havok activity.
SetHavokLOD Set reference collision lod.
SetHavokLinearVelocity Set reference linear velocity.
SetHavokAngularVelocity Set reference angular velocity.
SetHavokCollisionLayer Set havok collision layer.
SetHavokRagdollFriction Set havok ragdoll friction.
SetHavokParam Set havok param.
ShowHavokRagdollValues Show havok ragdoll values.
StartHavokPartTest Start/reset havok particles test.
StopHavokPartTest Stop havok particles test.
HavokVDBCapture Havok VDB Capture
HavokWorldStep (hkstep) Toggle BhkWorld Havok Step Info
SetOrientation Set reference orientation
ToggleDebugText3D Toggle in game debug text.
ToggleBioOverlay Toggle the BI Overlay.
ToggleMetricViewer Spawn Metric Viewer
PrintMessage Print a message to the screen (print (message) (time) (clear previous messages flag))
AddDebugTest Add debug text to a reference (AddDebugText (debug text) (size) (color) (background color) (border color) (offsetX) (offsetY) (offsetZ) (pinned flag)
DisableActorPackage Disable or enable an actor’s package (DisableActorPackage (0/1))
StopBatchFile Stop a running batchfile.
CenterOnSpaceCell Move to the specified space cell, optionally specify a ship.
DependencyGraphDump Dump Dependency Graph.
ToggleExperimentalShaders Toggles experimental shaders on/off.
SetTestPlanetAndBiome Sets a test planet and biome for interior testing with biome markers. (stpb [planetname] [biome form | biome index])

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Much of these Starfield console commands comes courtesy of various sources including previous Bethesda games (Fallout, Skyrim, etc), Reddit user pwn3dbyth3noob, PCGamer, IGN’s community-created list,game8, and Rock Paper Shotgun. We’ll continue to update it with any additional commands we discover so that it’s all in one neat place for you to use. Take a moment to look over our Starfield Strategy Guide for more help with everything to do in the game!

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