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Strategy game Endless Space invites feedback with ‘Game2gether’ initiative

Strategy game Endless Space invites feedback with ‘Game2gether’ initiative

Endless Space, a strategy game from ex-Ubisoft and EA devs, lets fans participate in the development process by voting on game changes with a “points” system.

Steve Watts

March 14, 2012 8:45 AM1

A team composed of veterans from Ubisoft and EA have decided to chase the hardcore strategy market, with a title called Endless Space. The newly formed Amplitude Games has taken the wraps off its first game, and are inviting feedback through a process called “Games2gether.”

Endless Space features eight civilizations to rule over, and you’ll be making strategic moves not just in the militaristic sense, but also with trade and diplomacy. The official site (via Joystiq) promises hundreds of star systems to explore, five hero classes with individual ability trees, and eight-person multiplayer with the ability to jump in to an in-progress game.

The Games2gether initiative lets you vote on proposed game ideas by spending points. You get 100 points for free, and the site says an “Admiral Pre-Order package” is coming soon. It will include 2,000 points, plus other goodies like the Steam version of the game, an MP3 soundtrack, and your name in the credits. If you’re curious how the development progress is going, the site tracks that too. You can see the current state (Alpha) along with the latest development milestones for Art, Music, Design, and Programming.

It’s an interesting twist on the model we’ve seen lately in games like Minecraft and Double Fine’s Kickstarter adventure. Those games let you buy in early for tests of the game, but Endless Space is taking it a step further by building a feedback loop into the pricing model. Check out the video below if you want to know more, and sign up at the official site if you’re interested.

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