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Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters on-disc

Street Fighter X Tekken DLC characters on-disc

Capcom has confirmed that the extra Street Fighter X Tekken characters are available on the console discs hitting tomorrow, calling the move an effort to ensure easy compatibility between players.

Steve Watts

March 5, 2012 4:00 PM13

The Vita version of Street Fighter X Tekken is getting a dozen extra characters, to be added to the console versions eventually as downloadable content. But apparently the characters are already on the disc, Capcom has confirmed.

The controversy began when EventHubs (via Kotaku) dug out intros of the various characters from a console version. Those videos were pulled due to a copyright claim from Capcom, but the presence of the videos led to speculation that the characters are already on the disc.

Capcom has since confirmed the on-disc characters, offering an official statement:

Separately, community manager Brett Elston suggests this will help Capcom avoid releasing a “Super” version of the game. “And while pricing details are still to come, I can at least say it’ll be a great value considering the size of the update – 12 new characters is pretty substantial, after all,” he said.

The on-disc DLC “release” schedule will begin on PS3 on launch day. PlayStation Blog reveals that the PlayStation-exclusive characters Cole, Toro, and Kuro will be available on the disc on launch day. Mega Man and Pac-Man will be added as free downloadable content on March 13. The extra dozen characters coming in the Vita version include Elena, Guy, Cody, Sakura, Dudley, Blanka, Alisa, Christie, Jack, Bryan, Lars, and Lei.

On-disc DLC tends to ignite controversy. Capcom may have had the best of intentions with including these dozen characters on the disc, and even created a separate budget for it, but that’s unlikely to silence annoyed fans.

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