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Team Fortress 2 pokes Valentine’s fun with $100 item

Team Fortress 2 pokes Valentine’s fun with $100 item

Valve poked a bit of fun at Valentine’s Day yesterday, with a Team Fortress 2 engagement ring gift that costs too much and is functionally useless.

Steve Watts

February 15, 2012 11:00 AM9

If you didn’t venture out to your local flower shop or Italian eatery yesterday, you might not have noticed that it was Valentine’s Day. Valve certainly took note, though, and poked a bit of fun at the warm-and-fuzzy holiday with an insanely expensive piece of downloadable content in Team Fortress 2.

The “Something Special for Someone Special” item is an engagement ring wrapped up in a pretty little box. It also costs $100, and does almost nothing. You can only gift the item to others, and if they accept your proposal, it broadcasts a message to the community that you’re engaged. From then on, you both wear the rings. “In short, it’s the most accurate simulation of an actual Valentine’s Day gift ever made available to the public,” Valve said on its blog.

The TF2 Wiki cites that it was contributed back in December via the Steam Workshop. A hundred bucks is a lot to ask, but given TF2’s large community, surely someone gave it a shot. We here at Shacknews wish them years of wedded bliss following their honeymoon in CP_Dustbowl.

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