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TERA pre-order and closed-beta plans revealed

TERA pre-order and closed-beta plans revealed

Pre-order and closed-beta details for Tera, Bluehole Studio’s upcoming action-MMO, have been announced.

Jeff Mattas

February 3, 2012 5:00 PM2

Bluehole Studio’s upcoming action-based MMO TERA is gearing up for its May 1 launch, and publisher En Masse Entertainment has revealed that those who pre-order the game will be granted access to its closed-beta testing period and “Head Start” early-access program. Details about the bonus items included in the game’s “Collector’s” and “Limited Collector’s” editions were also shared.

The Collector’s Edition of TERA–which will be available in both digital and physical flavors and retail for $59.99–will come with pre-order goodies, including “the Regal Frostlion Mount for in-game mounted travel, and two equippable items: the level 15 Velik’s Bloodstone Necklace and the level 40 Shakan’s Bloodstone Necklace.”

There will also be a Limited Edition Collector’s Edition (retail box only) for $79.99, which will also include “collectable items such as a Letter of Marque, a canvas world map, a field guide, a Valkyon Federation-issued compass, and a game soundtrack.”

As mentioned, pre-ordering folks will also get access to TERA’s closed-beta period, which takes place during various intervals from February through April. Additionally, those who pre-order will also get early-launch access the weekend before the official release, via a “Head Start” program. The schedule is as follows:

Closed Beta Test 1: February 10 – 12

Closed Beta Test 2: February 24 – 26

Closed Beta Test 3: March 9 – 11

Closed Beta Test 4: March 23 – 25

Closed Beta Test 5: April 6 – 8

Open Beta Test: April 19 – 22

Head Start: April 28 – May 1

The Open Beta Test noted above will be open to the general public.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering TERA, you can do so from the official En Masse Entertainment website.

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