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The Simpsons Arcade on XBLA Friday, PSN next week

The Simpsons Arcade on XBLA Friday, PSN next week

Konami’s classic beat ’em up The Simpsons Arcade Game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, on February 3, and PlayStation Network on February 7. It’ll cost $10.

Alice O’Connor

February 2, 2012 11:30 AM4

Evidence of a downloadable re-release for The Simpsons Arcade Game were spotted last year, and it was recently billed as a PlayStation Plus perk, but Konami has only just formally confirmed and dated it. The classic scrolling beat ’em up will land on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, February 3, while the PlayStation Network release is due on February 7.

The re-release jazzes up the four-player arcade experience with online multiplayer and bags of unlockables, including the “never-before-seen” Japanese version of the game, flyers, posters, and a guide to the characters. It’s handled by Backbone Entertainment, the chaps behind the re-release of X-Men Arcade.

Alongside a ‘Quarters’ mode, said to offer “the original coin-op experience,” there’ll be a Survival mode where you only have one life, and Free Play with unlimited continues.

Konami’s product page has some iffy-looking screenshots which appear to show the game running in a ‘fake’ virtual arcade cabinet, but one images–and hopes–that it’s simply one of several display options, as updated arcade classics often have.

The Simpsons Arcade will run you $9.99 (800 Microsoft Points), unless you’re a PlayStation Plus member, in which case it’s free.

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