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The Splatters coating Xbox 360 this Spring

The Splatters coating Xbox 360 this Spring

The Splatters, a physics-puzzle game by indie developer SpikySnail Games will be hitting Xbox Live Arcade exclusively this Spring.

Jeff Mattas

February 21, 2012 2:45 PM3

Indie developer SpikySnail Games has been working on its debut title since the studio formed back in 2010. After winning an award at PAX 10 and becoming an IGF finalist and Indie Game Challenge nominee, physics-puzzle game The Splatters is making its way to an exclusive release on Xbox Live Arcade this Spring.

Once sporting the working title “Confetti Carnival,” The Splatters is a physics and combo-driven puzzler that puts players in control of colorful, liquid-filled critters whose main purpose in life is to explode with style. Each level will play out differently each time, with newly acquired skills allowing players to put on “a magnificent show of acrobatic creatures, liquids, stunts and explosions.”

The inclusion of a feature called Splatter TV will also let players share and view replays of each level, adding another layer of competition to the high-score chasing.

I had a chance to see the game in action at IGF when the game before its name-change, and it was extraordinarily cheerful, chaotic, and fun even back then, drawing a lot of well-deserved attention from passers-by.

SpikySnail has yet to announce a price or specific release date.

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