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Tropico 4 ‘Modern Times’ coming April 3

Tropico 4 ‘Modern Times’ coming April 3

Tropico 4 will get its “Modern Times” expansion on April 3 for $19.99, bringing new edicts like internet restriction and the Festival of Love, new buildings, and new threats.

Steve Watts

March 1, 2012 2:00 PM7

The Tropico 4 “Modern Times” expansion will hit on April 3 for $19.99 (1200 MSP). True to its name, the expansion takes into account all the modern conveniences that could help or hurt a modern dictator. You’ll have to deal with factors like the Internet, terrorists, and space exploration as you oppress your subjects.

Your island will go from the Cold War through the modern era and into the future, complete with new buildings like condos, skyscrapers, organic ranches, and biofarms. In addition to new buildings, you can modernize existing buildings like banks and museums. The expansion also includes 10 new edicts like blocking citizens’ Internet access (you jerk!), creating a police state, or turning your nation into hippies with a “Festival of Love.”

Check out the trailer below to see some despot-modernization in action.

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