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Twisted Metal goes gold; demo and online pass confirmed

Twisted Metal goes gold; demo and online pass confirmed

You’ll be able to try the new Twisted Metal reboot as David Jaffe has confirmed a playable demo, and has detailed future plans for the series.

Andrew Yoon

January 23, 2012 10:00 AM5

Twisted Metal has gone gold, with copies being readied for its upcoming Valentine’s Day release. The PS3 reboot has been long-coming, and fans will be able to get a taste via an upcoming playable demo.

“Yes, there is going to be a demo,” outspoken game designer David Jaffe confirmed, noting that it will be online-enabled. The primarily multiplayer-focused game will also utilize an Online Pass, and Jaffe apologized to fans given his own distaste for the practice.

On his video blog (via CVG), he reiterated that he didn’t want to utilize the now-standard method of gating online modes because he was hoping to do anything possible to increase the fan base, “even if we lose sales upfront.” He argued that “if we sell enough, then we’ll get to make a sequel.”

Although Jaffe did note that Twisted Metal will have a small day-one patch, he noted that future updates will be unlikely. “If we ever touch Twisted Metal again, it’ll really be because it’s successful enough that there’s a big enough community that says ‘hey, we’d really like to get some of these things in via patch,'” Jaffe explained. “Or there’s some really heinous bugs. We don’t think there are… but you never know, especially if it’s an online game.”

Twisted Metal will be available on PS3 next month.

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