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Twisted Metal promotion blows up Sweet Tooth’s truck

Twisted Metal promotion blows up Sweet Tooth’s truck

An explosive Twisted Metal promotion has been announced, in which selected players will be able to destroy series’ villain Sweet Tooth’s famous ice cream truck remotely via machine gun.

Jeff Mattas

February 10, 2012 5:00 PM3

In what’s one of the more violently-creative promotional tie-ins we’ve seen in quite a while, developer Eat Sleep Play’s co-founder and Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe is promising fans a chance to destroy stuff. Specifically, fans can sign up for a chance to remotely fire M249-SAW machine guns at the real-life version of the ice cream truck driven by Sweet Tooth, the game’s fire-haired, clown-faced antagonist.

“That’s right, we’ve hooked these guns up to a satellite so you can control them remotely from your computer,” states the developer on the official PlayStation Blog. “Yes, you read that correctly. You can shoot a real gun with real bullets at a real truck from your computer, in a crazy, two-day, shoot-till-the-truck-goes-up-in-a-gigantic-ball-of-flames-style internet spectacular.”

Interested parties can head over to to sign up for a chance to pull the trigger on one of gaming’s most iconic vehicles.

Twisted Metal releases exclusively for PlayStation 3 next week on Valentine’s Day.

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