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Velocity releases on PSN in March; free for PS Plus

Velocity releases on PSN in March; free for PS Plus

Developer FuturLab has announced Velocity–a space-based shooter with a teleportation mechanic–for PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita in March.

Jeff Mattas

February 9, 2012 4:00 PM2

FuturLab, the developers of Coconut Dodge, is bringing its space-shooter called Velocity to the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PlayStation Vita sometime this March. The game is described as a “high quality homage to the classic games us older folk remember fondly,” but there are some welcome twists; namely, a unique feature that allows players to teleport themselves.

The PlayStation Blog notes that the game will be playable on PlayStation 3, PSP, and the PlayStation Vita, and though no price point has been revealed yet, Velocity will be free to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Programmer Robin Jubber told PSN Stores that Velocity is “a super smooth scrolling shoot ’em-up with puzzles and teleportation.”

Old-school gamers, take note. “If I was talking to somebody from my generation,” Jubber continued, “I’d perhaps describe it as a 16-bit game from the glory days of the Amiga, but with an unlimited palette, better resolution, faster performance and much better music quality!”

In the same interview, Velocity’s game director James Marsden explains how the game’s teleportation mechanics aren’t simply layered on top of your typical shooter. “If you took any other shoot-em-up on the market and added a Teleport control, it would make that game too easy, so we had to fundamentally redesign what a shoot-em-up is,” he said. “The player can also control the speed of the scrolling terrain and fling unlimited bombs, so the player is supremely powerful in this world. To balance this we changed the emphasis on ‘Getting the highest score’ to ‘Mastering each zone,’ which is something we learned a lot about from Coconut Dodge.”

Check out the trailer for Velocity below, to get a glimpse at the modern-retro fusion.

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