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Wasteland 2 not for the console crowd

Wasteland 2 not for the console crowd

Brian Fargo updates the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter page with news on what’s coming next.

John Keefer

March 22, 2012 3:00 PM21

Now that the Wasteland 2 project is rapidly approaching the $1.5 million mark in Kickstarter funds (still with 25 days remaining), InXile’s Brian Fargo updated the fans and supporters on what’s next.

Fargo has maintained that that $1.5 million mark would allow additional development of the game for both Mac and Linux. He added that no matter how much they receive though, there is no plan to bring Wasteland 2 to any console or handheld platform.

“It is imperative that we deliver the core PC experience that the fans are expecting here and I want to avoid any elements that could distract us,” he said. “The console interface is quite different when you consider the input device and proximity to the screen whereas the Mac and Linux are pretty much identical to that of the ‘PC’. We will consider a tablet version due to the similarity of the screen and interface but even on that we need to do a bit more research.”

Fargo also relayed the story of one backer who confessed to pirating the original Wasteland and was donating to help make up for it. The “pirate” donated $10,000.

Fargo also proposed a plan to keep funding going for game development projects. Once a project has shipped and created profit, 5 percent of that profit will funneled back to the development community. He is calling the project “Kick It Forward.”

“Imagine the potential if another Minecraft comes along via Kickstarter and produces millions of dollars of investment into other developers,” he said. “This economic payback will continue to grow the movement way beyond the current system.”

A bold plan, and one that could easily take ghold given the wave of Kickstarter success recently. Both the Double Fine Adventure project and the Wasteland 2 project were funded in quick order.

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