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Waveform releasing on Steam in early March

Waveform releasing on Steam in early March

Indie developer Eden Industries has announced that the unique action game Waveform will be coming to Steam in early March. A new trailer accompanies the announcement.

Jeff Mattas

February 22, 2012 5:30 PM2

Waveform, a unique-looking action game from indie developer Eden Industries will be making its way to a Steam release in “early March,” the developer announced today. Waveform doesn’t saddle players with such ubiquitous tasks as shooting aliens or saving the world, but instead has players navigate beautiful space-scapes while riding on a beam of light.

The galaxy is being consumed by a Singularity, it seems. Over the course of Waveform’s more than one hundred levels, the player must restore light to the dying galaxy. “Wormholes, Particle Accelerators, and the enigmatic Space Squids of Venus,” are just some of the things players will encounter along the way.

Development of Waveform began back in 2009 as a side-project of Eden Industries’ founder Ryan Vandendyck, and–as noted in the developer diary on the game’s official site–he’s been polishing up the game while working full-time at Next Level Games on Luigi’s Mansion 2.

Waveform is one of those games that promises to very easy to pick up and play–a claim supported by its one-button control scheme–but difficult to master. It’s also tough to visualize just based on a description, but luckily, the developer has released a brand new trailer showing Waveform in action.

Waveform will hit Steam as a PC download “in only a few weeks,” but a specific date and price-point have yet to be revealed.

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