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Zynga launches Bingo in beta

Zynga launches Bingo in beta

Zynga has started a closed beta of Zynga Bingo, which will eventually join the company’s Poker offering in the Zynga Casino.

Steve Watts

January 27, 2012 1:00 PM3

Zynga has launched a closed beta of its upcoming Bingo social game. The game favored by small children and old people alike can be played without having to attend a local fire hall or assisted living center. Zynga is only letting in a limited number of people for the time being, but promises to open the game to a wider audience “very soon.”

Zynga touts social features that range from racing against your friends, to getting help from them by filling out spaces on the board for each friend. You can also play with up to six cards at once, and use power-ups to boost your progress. The game sports three settings, including Vegas Lights, Pirate’s Paradise, and Farmville Bounty.

Bingo will be part of the Zynga Casino along with Zynga Poker. The company is reportedly interested in moving towards online gambling, which would mean real money on the line in exchange for real prizes. Zynga Casino would probably be at the forefront of that effort.

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