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Battlefield 3 DLC resumes in June; three packs announced

Battlefield 3 DLC resumes in June; three packs announced

EA and DICE announced three new DLC packs for Battlefield 3, with content starting to release in June.

Andrew Yoon

March 7, 2012 5:00 AM21

Whereas Call of Duty fans are paying for a year-long “season of content” with Modern Warfare 3, things have been quiet on the Battlefront side of things. The game’s first expansion pack–Back to Karkand–came out in December and was available for free for everyone that purchased an early edition of the game. But, isn’t it time for some new maps?

You’ll get exactly that when Battlefield 3‘s next DLC arrives in June.

Close Quarters will be the second expansion pack for DICE’s shooter, with one week exclusivity on PS3. But what can you expect from it? The infantry-focused add-on will expand the online mode with four new maps and ten more weapons. A first-look at the new content showed an indoor apartment environment and a penthouse suite. The close quarters gameplay did a great job of showing off Frostbite 2’s destructive capabilities, as walls were quickly being torn apart by gunfire.

But that’s not the only piece of DLC EA announced last night. There are two more expansion packs coming. “”Back to Karkand set the bar for what an expansion pack should be,” DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson said. “It’s so much more than just a new map. We’re trying to theme all our expansion packs.”

Wheres Close Quarters will focus on tight infantry battles, the next add-on will focus on vehicular combat. “Armored Kill” will add new vehicles and boast the “biggest maps DICE has ever created… for a very Battlefield experience.” It will be available in fall.

Finally, DICE announced “End Game.” Unfortunately, that’s all they’re saying about the (seemingly) final piece of the Battlefield 3 post-release puzzle. “It’s a secret right now,” Troedsson teased. That pack will be available in winter.

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