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Cities: Skylines 2 hotfix 1.0.13f1 patch notes fix a bunch of garbage


Cities: Skylines 2 hotfix 1.0.13f1 patch notes fix a bunch of garbage

That game isn’t actually garbage at all, but garbage-related things were busted.

Bill Lavoy

Bill Lavoy

November 9, 2023 2:10 PM2

Cities: Skylines 2 released a small patch today to address several ongoing issues. The patch, for some reason called 1.0.13f1, took aim at several garbage-related issues and calculations, plush a bunch more random city stuff. Please take a look.

Hotfix 1.0.13f1 patch notes

Balanced Garbage production and accumulation calculationsFixed garbage truck accidentally adding garbage load when calculating garbage amount estimate for the pathFixed garbage resource “Trade value” showing negative value in statisticsBalanced Incinerator Plant electricity outputFixed various character clothing issuesBalanced stray pets in the cityIncreased pathfind penalty for unsafe u-turns on highwayFixed incorrect traffic lane-changing behavior when one or more lanes are merged to one from the left sideBalanced Water Consumption of multiple City Service buildingsFixed wrong zoning grid offset when opposite side of pedestrian street, alley or gravel road has retaining wall. (This can cause some zoning issues that cannot be automatically fixed if this type of location is already zoned in a save)Fixed cars signaling wrong side when leaving roundabout with left-hand traffic (Takes effect on existing saves only after touching roads near the roundabout with road tool)Fixed parking fee policy available for subway stations even though they don’t have parking spacesFixed an issue with randomization of radio ads per brand influence in a cityFixed faulty unicode and non-alphanumerical characters support to Microsoft cloud savesFixes various occurrences of randomly bright windows on vehiclesMatched Transportation infoview stop legend colors to stop icon colorsPerformance optimization to polygon area triangulation and validationFix for potential error: Inspector failed to parse HTTP data on connection

Those are your patch notes, which were originally posted to the Paradox Forum. Hop into Cities: Skylines 2 and start building your own city if you haven’t already, and when you get stuck check out our Cities: Skylines 2 topic to dig your city out of financial ruin.

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