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Final Fantasy XIII-2 adding Jihl Nabaat to Coliseum

Final Fantasy XIII-2 adding Jihl Nabaat to Coliseum

Square Enix has announced that Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy XIII will join the Coliseum in XIII-2 next week.

Steve Watts

March 8, 2012 2:45 PM4

When Square promised we’d see cameos from past Final Fantasy games in the Coliseum of Final Fantasy XIII-2, our imaginations ran wild. Kefka? Ultros? Sephiroth? None of those fan favorites have materialized, but Square has announced another Coliseum addition: Jihl Nabaat from Final Fantasy XIII.

What’s that? You don’t remember Jihl Nabaat? She was a minor villain and leader of a special division in the Cocoon Army. That’s just the type of character Square Enix thinks you’ll plunk down three bucks for, when her DLC releases on March 13. Previously Lightning was available to fight in the Coliseum for the same price, after which she was added to your party as a monster-type.

More Lightning DLC is on the way as well. The DLC “Lightning’s Story: Requiem of the Goddess” shows what happened during her battle with Caius. It’s planned for a release in mid-May. Plus, if you desperately need more weapons for Noel and Serah, the Muramasa and Catastrophe Blade, and Seraphic Wing are now available for 99 cents each.

So far our reactions to FFXIII-2 DLC has been unenthusiastic. Maybe Nabaat will be an amazing bit of content, but we’re skeptical to say the least.

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