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The Cat That Got The Milk delivers Kandinsky-like mazes for free

The Cat That Got The Milk delivers Kandinsky-like mazes for free

A team of four indie developers has released a free PC action game called The Cat That Got The Milk, which blends Kandinsky-like aesthetics with mazes.

Jeff Mattas

January 31, 2012 1:00 PM3

Looking for a fun and visually-engaging way to kill about fifteen to twenty minutes? A team of four independent developers (Ollie Clarke, Helana Santos, Chris Randle, and Jon Mann) has released a free game for PC and Mac called ‘The Cat That Got The Milk.’

It’s a reflex-based maze game meant to serve as an abstract representation of the titular cat’s night on the town. It’s quick, challenging, and looks great, too.

The controls are simple. Each of the game’s eighteen levels tasks players with navigating to their respective exits. Once the level begins, the cat–represented by a tiny rectangle–starts moving to the right, automatically. By holding either the up or down arrow keys, the player can alter the cat’s course.

Things start out fairly easy, but the mazes get more and more intricate, eventually requiring some pretty quick reactions. Running into a wall or obstacle restarts the level afresh, and there’s really no down-time or waiting around to speak of. If you get stuck, the game also gives you the option to skip a level after a number of failed attempts.

The Cat That Got The Milk has some interesting level design and did a great job keeping me engaged, but my favorite part is undoubtedly the striking visuals, which are reminiscent of artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Mark Rothko. Fans of abstract art are in for a treat.

You can download The Cat That Got The Milk for PC or Mac for free from the game’s official website, along with a free copy of the soundtrack.

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