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Mushihimesama HD coming to Xbox 360 from Cave

Mushihimesama HD coming to Xbox 360 from Cave

Cave has revealed it will release the arcade bullet-hell game Mishihimesama HD on Xbox 360 in Japan. A western release has not been announced.

Steve Watts

January 31, 2012 7:00 PM3

Cave has announced that it’s porting its arcade bullet-hell title Mushihimesama to Xbox 360, as “Mushihimesama HD.” The title has only been announced for Japan so far, and lacks a release date even in that territory. If it is brought in North America, it will be one of the first opportunities for western gamers to play.

The announcement came from the Cave blog (via Andriasang). Producer Makoto Asada hinted in the announcement that Cave may include some extra content for fans, and teased that it will be releasing more of its classic library to the Xbox 360 in Japan through the Games on Demand service over the next several months.

Previously, the arcade game was ported to the PlayStation 2 by Taito, but that version was never brought stateside. Currently a version of the game is available on the iPhone App Store, under the title “Bug Princess.” If you want to try it out, be careful not to confuse it with “Mushihime Bug Panic,” which is a new game from Cave based on the same property.

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