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Sorcery coming May 22

Sorcery coming May 22

Sorcery, one of the earliest examples of the PlayStation Move in action, has finally gotten a firm release date of May 22.

Steve Watts

March 7, 2012 3:45 PM2

Sorcery was shown off as one of the earliest examples of applications for the PlayStation Move. It makes enough sense; use your Move wand as a magic wand. But we haven’t heard much about it until today, with a release date of May 22.

The PlayStation Blog announced the North American release day, but didn’t give a price for the game. Creative director Brian Upton also chimed in to explain the story of Finn, a hapless apprentice who wrecked his master’s lab, entered the realm of the dead, and unleashed an unspeakable evil. We’ve all been there. So he travels to the faerie realms to learn spells to defeat the Nightmare Queen. Again: common, understandable problems.

The Move has been fairly quiet lately. But between the announcement of Datura yesterday and Sorcery today, maybe Sony is recommitting to keep support coming for its motion controller.

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